Announcing vArmour Application Controller 6.2

vArmour is happy to announce the general availability of Release 6.2 of Application Controller. Our latest Application Controller release continues to advance our vision for Application Relationship Management, helping our customers to ensure the resiliency and security of their critical applications and services.


Enterprises continue to face challenges as they pursue their digital and cloud transformations. They rely on applications as a prime source of business growth and competitive advantage, making every company essentially a software company these days. Needless to say, for many that support a mix of existing and new application architectures, this transformation timeframe will be measured in years and not months.

In fact, many enterprises are moving faster in their business than their IT infrastructure, which isn’t surprising because even with increased cloud adoption, IT and Security teams still have to support disparate legacy tech stacks. Ensuring visibility and security for applications across the entire enterprise can be limited by complex and siloed network infrastructure. Good data that supports resiliency and security is at a premium.

Application Controller 6.2 continues to advance the visibility and understanding for our customers, starting with improvements in the quality of the telemetry data for existing infrastructure that customers can leverage to reduce their operational risk. This is not something that classic flow collectors can typically provide, and bad data results in more risk. This latest release also provides more insights and interactive features that let customers move faster in driving positive outcomes.

Key highlights of Release 6.2 include the following:

More accuracy for application relationships data

  • Refines and reconciles poor or uneven telemetry data for a better “observed reality” of application relationships, using new advanced ML-based algorithms
  • Assesses and validates data source confidence with new Relationship Fidelity scores, and the ability to set data telemetry source preferences where applicable

Easier and faster to find and visualize insights

  • New interactive clickable tables to explore specific values of interest dynamically in the Relationship Graph interface
  • New labels visualization to highlight values like CVEs and RTOs in labels and identify corresponding applications across the infrastructure
  • New application dependency mapping sidebar that helps find and report on dependencies and related nodes for any application-centric view

Additional performance optimizations help customers get asset and inventory information faster

  • Faster workload inventory searches initiated by users with results returned in seconds
  • ML-based enhancements for more automated and complete application and asset detection

Application Controller version 6.2 is now generally available. Please contact for more information.


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Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer