Digital innovation makes defending the enterprise a daily challenge.

The interconnected nature of the applications, devices, users and data, including the relationships and dependencies among them, create myriad exploitation paths that lead to increased vulnerability. Cybersecurity works best when organizations understand their attack surfaces. vArmour's visualized attack surface mapping reveals the truth.

The enterprise is hyperconnected.

Hundreds of thousands of interconnected apps, devices, users and data drive a digital enterprise across different geographies and constituents.

Leading to a larger attack surface.

Your attack surface becomes less defined and grows exponentially with each additional asset or user to support business strategy.

The enterprise is increasingly distributed.

More and more applications are running on multiple platforms, including public cloud, multi-cloud, SaaS, and datacenters.

Leading to more visibility gaps.

Inability to see or track applications and their relationships results in security vulnerabilities and incomplete cyber hygiene that cannot be solved by existing solutions.

The enterprise has embraced the cloud.

Cloud workloads and apps continue to rise. Companies with most or all IT in the cloud will increase to 63% in the next 18 months, according to a study by Foundry.

Leading to blind spots in security risks.

The inability to validate or quantify enterprise-wide systemic risks as modern attack vectors leverage unknown and unsecured interconnected infrastructure.

The enterprise is accessed by the public.

Digital assets are increasingly accessed by customers and suppliers and have additional compliance requirements to fulfill.

Leading to compliance burdens.

Lack of automated auditing/reporting to fulfill recurring regulatory requirements for SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, DORA, etc. in public-facing applications.

It’s time for a new approach. Visualized attack surface mapping.

Securing the modern enterprise requires begins with discovering and understanding the relationships between applications and business services. Traditional security approaches only provide a siloed view of vertical relationships within a given network (for example: users to devices or applications to infrastructure), and are crucially missing visibility into horizontal relationships across the enterprise (for example, business service to business service). These are where the largest risks to the business lurks, and why enterprises must have this business context for effective security and resiliency planning.

Without a unifying view of all relationships and dependencies—both vertically and horizontally—it’s impossible to understand overall risk exposure, identify all the security gaps, and enforce protection policies. For example, knowing if a compromised workload has a horizontal relationship with a critical application such as SWIFT is important in enforcing the correct security controls and prioritizing the remediation plan. Allowing blind spots in application relationships to persist leaves the enterprise at risk to security vulnerabilities and noncompliance gaps.


Cyber Resiliency Requires a Unified View
of Both the Vertical and Horizontal Relationships

Simplify securing your organization's attack surface.

vArmour manages the cyber attack surface through discovering, observing and controlling the relationships and dependencies of applications, users, devices and data. With vArmour, enterprises can manage their cyber asset attack surface, and take the next step in securing them:

  1. Continuously discover the entire estate of application assets, relationships, and dependencies
  2. Observe and control the exposure points and propagation vectors of ransomware and other cyber risks to prevent attacks and reduce cyber risk
  3. Ensure resiliency of applications through continuous observation of relationships and change impact
  4. Isolate, segment, and control critical applications and business systems leveraging existing controls


Learn why business context is critical to understanding your attack surface.


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