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Mapping dynamic application relationships for continuous
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Continuous Application Relationship Management

A simplified approach for modeling and managing enterprise applications to reduce operational risk across your infrastructure

Application Relationship Visibility

Clear visibility into application relationships on public and private cloud, and any other IT and security infrastructure.

Baseline Application Behaviors

Compute and continuously measure application behavior baselines, and alert of violations of those baselines.

Automated Security Policy

Create, monitor and enforce application communications policies for risk, regulatory, or compliance requirements

The vArmour Application Controller

Cloud Security Evolved

Designed to help Security Teams intuitively reduce attack surface and manage compliance for their hybrid cloud infrastructure, vArmour Application Controller’s key benefits include:

Discover Attack Surface

Understand relationships within and across your clouds by auto-discovering applications and their behavior

Minimize Risk

Protect applications across clouds to reduce your blast radius

Enforce Consistent Policy

Drive consistent security policies across clouds for continuous management of overall security and compliance posture

Works as Intelligently as You Do

Discover Attack Surface
  • Auto-discover applications to understand app-to-app communications and dependencies

  • Visualize your Security Graph relationships to assess your risk profile

  • Inventory all of your business applications to better understand your environment and to augment CMDBs

Minimize Risk
  • Intelligent dashboard to instantly understand your overall security and compliance posture

  • Automatically compute intent-based security policies, e.g. “How do I create isolation policies for applications I don’t understand?”

  • Simulate expected policy outcomes based on modeling policy against traffic history so you can deploy with confidence

Enforce Consistent Policy
  • Deploy consistent policy across hybrid cloud infrastructure

  • Out-of-the-box compliance templates for fast time to value

  • Policy automation assures continued adherence to policy compliance as workloads are instantiated or migrated

Relationships Matter

The vArmour Application Controller

is powered by vArmour Security Graph technology to track how applications are interacting, enabling rich Visibility, Policy, and Reporting features so you can secure applications across your clouds. Cloud Connectors ingest telemetry from other platforms, allowing you to gain more value out of your existing investments — all without being a cloud expert, adding agents, or using virtual appliances. An SDK is also available to build your own Cloud Connector.


Our Mission

Protecting what's important - your data. That's our mantra and that's what drives us.

Our Security Graph technology gives complete insight of application relationships in your hybrid cloud to assure you understand your attack surface, control your blast radius, and thereby protect your critical assets.


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Auto-Generate Security Policy

Automatically generate and test policies to isolate applications, separate environments, enforce compliance, and more

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