Accelerate secure cloud transformation with reliable infrastructure mapping.

Many enterprises are leveraging cloud environments for IT agility and cost efficiency by moving applications to the cloud. But poor visibility into application and workload dependencies can lead to delays, cost overruns, and security vulnerabilities. vArmour platform automates the mapping of application and user dependencies quickly and accurately resulting in fewer service outages, more consistent security policies, and greater confidence in both the process and the outcome.


Application dependencies cause cloud challenges. Here’s why.

  • Enterprise applications are often dependent or related to other applications. Not having full observability of application relationships prior to migration can compromise the process if related applications are not migrated in a coordinated fashion.
  • Securing and protecting applications and data across data centers and multi-cloud environments has never been more complex due to wider attack surfaces and hidden vulnerabilities from unknown dependencies. These vulnerabilities can be exposed during a migration, adding significant delays and added risk.
  • Without complete observability, it’s difficult to prioritize and rationalize which applications should be moved and/or removed, and in what order. This leads to bottlenecks, greater potential for security exploits, unplanned disruptions, and more manual intervention. All of which lead to increased costs and delays.

Start your secure cloud transformation with complete visibility.

vArmour automates the mapping of application relationships and dependencies across all enterprise environments. With this information, enterprises can effectively plan their app rationalization and migration initiatives, to ensure that existing relationships and dependencies are understood and accounted for in new cloud deployments.

vArmour cloud migrationFigure 1. Application visibility with vArmour ensures an easier and faster secure cloud transformation.

Learn how to accelerate and secure your cloud migrations.

Let vArmour help you get the most from your cloud transformation.

With vArmour, you gain real-time visibility and insights into all your applications across every environment with an accurate asset inventory, a deeper understanding of users and machine identities, and their interconnected behavior.

  • Speed and accuracy: vArmour automates the discovery of application relationship dependencies, providing an end-to-end overview of all applications including key details as required. With no new agents to deploy, enterprises can move fast with full understanding and coverage of applications from legacy to public cloud.
  • Reduce attack surface: By retiring unused applications, enterprises are removing the exploitation paths related to the apps, thereby reducing the attack surface of the enterprise.
  • Reduce security risk: With vArmour, enterprises can create security policies based on behaviors across the IT infrastructure and orchestrate these policies automatically into cloud environments for enforcement. Consistent security policies across hybrid or multi-cloud environments enables enterprises to simplify their security operations while minimizing gaps, vulnerabilities, and the potential for breaches. Read vArmour’s approach to hybrid cloud security.
  • Improve application resiliency: vArmour baselines and visualizes application traffic patterns over time to ensure these patterns can be replicated consistently in the cloud. A dynamic and continuous view of the dependencies ensures applications are working as they should post-migration.



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