Simplify Cyber Resilience with Agent-Free Mapping

Securing the enterprise security infrastructure has become increasingly challenging.

The interconnected nature of applications, devices, users, and data creates numerous exploitation paths that lead to vulnerable – and often invisible – cyberattack surfaces. Clearly understanding what is and isn’t working, as well as capturing how change to the IT estate might compromise security, is a difficult task.

Download our free Cyber Resilience Checklist and improve your cybersecurity.

vArmour provides agent-free visibility using existing telemetry from your existing infrastructure investments.

  • Generate an accurate, unified picture of your entire IT estate to enable continuous situational awareness and business context across security, operational, network, and compliance functions
  • Identify horizontal relationships among applications to connect stakeholders to business outcomes
  • Validate vertical relationships that connect business logic to infrastructure like applications, devices, and data

“More than 50% of organizations experienced a cybersecurity incident that significantly disrupted information technology (IT) and business processes.”

2020 Cyber Resilient Organization Report by IBM Security™

Resilience helps organizations assess, measure, and manage their cyber risk by balancing risk acceptance, mitigation, and transfer. vArmour gives you the ability to virtualize any proposed changes to evaluate the impact and unexpected consequences.

Download our free Cyber Resilience Checklist and see what you’ve been missing.

The vArmour Difference

Built for today’s dynamic computing environment, we’re committed to leaving no footprints – we’re agentless and use your existing investments to ingest, correlate, and synthesize telemetry using advanced ML-based methodologies. Of course, we scale and adapt as you change. And because our mission is to visualize your
infrastructure, there’s no impact on vArmour, regardless of how fast you grow.

We strive to innovate. We have 31 patents and four pending.

Because we take securely managing data seriously to protect the privacy of our clients, we are also SOC2 Type 2 certified.


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Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer