Introducing vArmour's Service Graph Connector for ServiceNow (Beta)


Here at vArmour, we take great pride in helping our customers improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their operational resilience and risk management efforts through our automated dependency mapping solution.

With that spirit in mind, we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Service Graph Connector for vArmour Relationship Cloud. Currently available in beta, our ServiceNow integration provides engineering and security teams with rapid, targeted, and real-time visibility over their entire digital application ecosystem.


Elevating Your ServiceNow Discovery Investment

Our new integration is specifically designed to enhance the capabilities of ServiceNow’s Discovery service, providing rapid and precise searches tailored to your organization’s needs. With the Service Graph Connector for vArmour Relationship Cloud, teams can achieve unparalleled visibility, context, and control over their digital application ecosystem to drive efficiency and strengthen resilience with confidence. 

Here is how the vArmour integration can help maximize your ServiceNow Discovery investment:

Targeted Monitoring: Customers can launch rapid searches focused on identifying only the applications, dependencies and devices they want to see, enhancing the precision of Discovery.

Reduced Reliance on Manual CMDB Data: By leveraging vArmour’s dynamic monitoring of application relationships, customers can reinforce point-in-time scanning and reduce their reliance on manual attestations of CMDB data.

Speed, Control, and Flexibility on Discovery Deployments: Customers can use the results from vArmour’s agentless monitoring to pinpoint exactly where to deploy ServiceNow Discovery in their ecosystem — producing faster and more cost effective use of their ServiceNow investment.


Get Started & Learn More

As we launch the beta version of this integration, we invite ServiceNow customers to participate and provide feedback to help us ensure it meets the needs of all users. To learn more about getting started, visit our request beta access page here.

And to learn more about our integration, we encourage you to watch our joint webinar with ServiceNow for valuable insights and customer success stories from our product experts.


About Dave Berg:

Dave Berg is the Chief Product Officer at vArmour, where he oversees the product and engineering organizations. With over 25 years of experience in product management and engineering, Dave has successfully delivered and launched products and services across various domains, including cybersecurity, retail IoT, manufacturing, and AI/ML. He has a passion for creating, whether it’s building his first motorcycle (a 1966 Harley-Davidson Sprint) from spare parts, cooking meals for family and friends, or engaging in gardening and carpentry.


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