It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month and vArmour Focuses on Cyber Resilience

Hands holding a phone, tablet and computer screen showing banking information.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is in its 20th year—and it’s no wonder because it has never been more important. This year’s theme is “Secure Our World.” vArmour is proud to be a champion of this effort.

Whether you’re a giant enterprise responsible for protecting the privacy of your customers and your corporate intellectual property or parents of children who are asked to use many mobile apps that help your child’s progress both in and out of school, cybersecurity is a common concern.

Consumers must protect themselves every day. They need business to help.

Think about it: most of us carry smartphones with access to many of our personal accounts, including banking, pictures of family, and an overall profile of who we are as individuals—what music we like, what apps we frequent, and who we call and text regularly.

They are powerful keys to our identities that have been used by technology for identification. It will become more powerful as technology evolves, including biometric information. Cybercriminals find creative ways to hijack this information—and use it to their advantage.

We are vulnerable on many levels these days since so much of our lives are digital, making more opportunities for our information to be compromised. This includes the companies we use for business.

vArmour helps businesses become cyber resilient.

Systems and tech have never been more intertwined, complicated, and messy. Human error will exist as long as humans are involved, and IT professionals have a huge responsibility that can be stressful, and confusing work.

Companies that are committed to protecting their customers strive for cyber resilience. That means if something goes wrong – and anyone reading the news knows this happens despite how hard a company works to protect itself – the business can rapidly identify the root of the problem and go on. That’s cyber resilience.

The hope is that everyone, businesses, and individuals alike, keep cybersecurity a mindful priority year-round—not just in October or when something goes wrong. It’s important to stay a step ahead and learn how to best protect yourself.

About Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month, founded in 2004, is the largest initiative that promotes cybersecurity awareness and best practices—something everyone can learn and benefit from. As technologies further develop, so does our need to understand the importance of protection for ourselves and our businesses.

Many types of education establishments, government agencies, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals come together to educate others about online security and its impact on your life and the digital assets you hold dear.

Learn more about Cybersecurity Awareness Month.


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Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer