A new cybersecurity certification framework, called the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (“CMMC”), has now been established by the Department of Defense (DoD) for its defense industrial base (DIB) supply chain of over 300,000 companies. CMMC draws heavily from existing industry security standards such as NIST, FAR, CIS and DFARS. What’s new is that contractors are required to pass formal third-party CMMC audits and certifications to demonstrate their compliance.

CMMC compliance challenges

If you’re a government contractor, you know proving compliance is never easy. Many enterprises, in fact, are ill-prepared for CMMC certification–nearly one-third of companies in a recent survey said they would fail to meet the most basic CMMC level. They don’t have visibility of their applications or assets and can’t put the right security controls in place fast enough.

Without CMMC certification, new DoD contracts worth millions of dollars in contract value are at risk. Given the timeframe to design, implement, and certify CMMC compliance, companies must act with urgency now.

Start your CMMC journey with enterprise-wide visibility in days versus weeks

The first step in any cybersecurity project must be complete visibility, because you can’t protect what you can’t see. But most organizations suffer from poor IT asset data quality, fragmented systems of record, and cross-environment siloes that result in massive inefficiencies.

With vArmour, you get real-time visibility and insights into all your applications across every environment. So you gain an accurate asset inventory, understanding of users and machine identities, and their interconnected behavior. With no new agents to deploy, you are moving fast with full coverage across your hybrid cloud.

Orchestrate Zero Trust security to limit application access

Now vArmour helps you compute and orchestrate Zero Trust security policies quickly to protect your applications, and monitor systems continuously to assure the effectiveness of controls. You can discover all users and identities, monitor application access with an application-centric lens, and apply Zero Trust security to limit access for all applications.

Realize full, dynamic, and continuous visibility and control for CMMC compliance with vArmour.

Automate compliance

Third-party auditors (Certified 3rd party assessment organization – C3PAO) are responsible for administering the CMMC certification process, which means you have to prove your controls are in place. That is no easy task today, and similar to other compliance projects, many enterprises must deploy large teams to process information manually. vArmour automates and simplifies compliance validation with software that automates and scales in step with the needs of the business.

Key Benefits

Immediate Visibility and Insights
Observed reality of applications, workloads, users and relationships.

Accurate and Continuous Asset and Identity Inventory
Enables service velocity with confidence and change management without outages.

Automate Zero Trust Security Policy Controls
Create and orchestrate security policy for all applications and environments.

Baseline and Monitor Application Behavior in Real-Time
Assess policy effectiveness and prove compliance.


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