Why It’s Time for Security to Change or Die

Why It’s Time for Security to Change or Die

Some could look back and say, what if punk never happened? What did it really do? Why did some people think punk was a university in itself? To me, punk was about unlocking people, values and ideas to do things differently and be fearless. As you move through the stages of a start-up like vArmour, fearless is a word that gets used frequently, as you fight, kick and scream your way into the data center and cloud security market, establishing a foothold of value, and expanding your place as your product and the market matures.

Breaking through the noise of other start-up “fluff” and challenging the traditional thinking on how to secure applications and workloads inside virtualized data centers and clouds requires an amazing team, technology, and strong market awareness. The cultural revolution of adopting clouds and securing them in a new, more effective, and simple way requires you to unlock from the old security architectures and models, and do something differently.

Raising money in the current climate also requires you to break through the noise, outdated thinking, and overhang marketing from traditional vendors. To succeed, you must show the market and investors that what started out as just ideology is now driving a cultural change in the way security architectures are looked at in a totally new way. This has become a core value to our customers over the last year, as they embraced vArmour to protect their mission critical infrastructure for their business as a service provider, government agency, healthcare provider, financial institution, and more.

I am proud to announce our Series D finance round, raising $41M USD, and bringing our total raised to $83M. I am even more proud to share that this quarter, nearly 200 enterprises and service providers around the world will be using our distributed security system to protect their most important assets in their virtual and cloud environments.

Our funding and our customer base make it clear: it’s change or die. And follow the lead of punk to rip out the old tech and welcome the new generation of cloud security.

Learn more about vArmour's innovative approach to cloud security. Download whitepaper: Cloud-Scale Security with Distributed Systems.

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