What Makes vArmour Unique?

What Makes vArmour Unique?

Yesterday, we announced three talented new hires to vArmour - and are kicking off our blog series so you can get to know each one a bit better. We are starting today with our industry-veteran CISO, Laz, whose past roles include: IT Security Researcher and Strategist at Blue Lava Consulting, CISO at Sears Online Business Unit, CISO at Silver Tail Systems (acquired by RSA/EMC), VP of Strategic Initiatives at ReddShell Corporation (acquired by TrustWave), and contributor to several InfoSec Open Source projects. Here is his story on how and why he felt compelled to join vArmour.

In 2013, I had the opportunity to meet with Roger Lian and Michael Shieh from vArmour. Reflecting on my first encounter with the co-founders, I can easily recall the vArmour vision they shared with me. We discussed how InfoSec tools and solutions have not changed in over 20 years. Roger and Michael stressed the need to build enterprise InfoSec solutions that will allow organizations to scale (up or down) while protecting current and future technical investments.

Fast forward to 2014, when I met with Tim Eades, vArmour’s visionary CEO, to learn about the many ways this software was changing the agile data center and security posture for organizations. Tim explained in great detail his strategy about how vArmour was going to be different than the rest of the market in solving these multi-dimensional issues facing organizations today and in the future. Business leaders and technologists are currently riddled with so many problems – how do you scale up an environment faster to offer a competitive advantage, maintain mandatory regulatory compliance, and protect the entire ecosystem of your infrastructure - all while having complete visibility of what is occurring at every layer of your infrastructure and in the cloud?

With these concerns in mind, I, like most of you, juggle everything from understanding advanced threats to passing my next audit - and it can often feel like I’m in hand to hand combat battling these issues in near real-time. As an InfoSec practitioner, I’ve personally had an ongoing struggle with how to best integrate and protect fractured, legacy environments with today’s data center transformation, adopting private, public, and hybrid clouds. I’ve also struggled with how to sell the business on making investments with emerging technologies that prepare for future growth (eg. IoT).

But, I know firsthand that vArmour is solving these complex issues with its Distributed Security System. Truly. I’ve been discussing these challenges with business leaders, practitioners, and analysts over the past year. And now, I am humbled and honored to be working with this incredible team in taking this company and the vArmour product to the next level for our customers.

Technology aside, at the core, what makes vArmour so special and unique in this space is the people behind it.

vArmour has designed a distributed security software-based system that’s like no other - trust me - I’ve seen a lot of them. The vArmour software is doing revolutionary things to support hybrid cloud environments for DevOps, Agile Data Centers, Operations, and InfoSec. I discussed the vArmour technology in a number of webinars, before and after vArmour came out of stealth back in September of 2014, so I’m very familiar with the benefits of the distributed systems approach.

But - going back to the core - the people are making this company and product so successful. The ones who are inspired to take a complex solution and make it easier for businesses and engineers to scale environments while protecting them. These are the reasons I’ve stepped back into the CISO role not at any company, but at vArmour. I encourage you to take a look at this amazing technology - please let me know if you want to walk through a product overview 1:1.