vArmour talks Cloud Security at Nutanix .NEXT

vArmour talks Cloud Security at Nutanix .NEXT

This week, we were in Vegas for the Nutanix .NEXT conference. Nutanix demonstrated their strong vision for building a better private cloud infrastructure, one that you can own and operate. We were particularly taken by their announcement around containers. As Docker and other container systems rise rapidly in the enterprise, infrastructure providers are moving quickly to provide support.

Nutanix announced persistent storage functionality for Docker. This is particularly important for organizations that are running stateful applications, like databases, in their environment because they can store records separately from the containers using them. This makes it possible to delete or replace an instance without fear of losing its content.

We love this announcement because as infrastructure rapidly evolves, it’s ever more important that security policy controls are built in from the start not bolted on after the fact. By automating security so that it can be orchestrated along with infrastructure, organizations can rest assured that they are not exposed, no matter how often they create or tear down an instance.

While we were at the event, our own Keith Stewart had an opportunity to talk to with John Furrier and Dave Vellante of The Cube About the role security plays in transforming infrastructure. Watch it here to learn more about how security can be a reason to go to the cloud rather than a blocker because it can be built in to next-generation infrastructure.

Learn more about our partnership with Nutanix in our joint webinar, vArmour & Nutanix: Distributed Everything. Watch on-demand.

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