Technology Tsunamis and Disruption on Steroids: Q&A with Gary Moore

Technology Tsunamis and Disruption on Steroids: Q&A with Gary Moore

We are welcoming industry veteran and thought leader Gary Moore to our Board of Directors today. Gary is bringing 40+ years of experience, most recently from Cisco as the President and COO, to his advisory role at vArmour. As Gary enters his new role on our Board, we sat down to learn a bit more about his perspective on the impact of big data on security analytics, the importance of professional services, and his commitment to giving back. 

Gary, you’ve spent your career in the high tech industry - how have you seen tech trends evolve over the years and how are these changes impacting organizations from the security perspective?

Well, any organization has to be aware that the world is changing dramatically and this is mostly being driven by the rapid advance of technology. The way that I like to look at it is the fact that not only are technology waves getting bigger and bigger, but they are also coming at a faster and faster rate - this is acting like a technology tsunami that is crushing many companies. For example, in the past decade, you can see how basic virtualization led to converged infrastructure and now, the norm of cloud. With all these forces, from social to mobile to cloud, organizations cannot keep pace with the technical investments or skills they need in order to identify and remediate modern breaches. I think that’s the main reason we have the issues we do today in organizations being behind technically, compared to their attackers.

It’s a great point and one we see time and time again in our customers. Now, you’re a huge believer in using big data and analytics to try to overcome these security challenges. Why is this approach so powerful? How can organizations be using their data better for security purposes?

I believe we are on the very front edge of how organizations can use big data to improve security, which is why I am so interested in companies, like vArmour, that are in this space. The world is becoming an even more social society… with analysts predicting that endpoints will increase from 25 to 50 billion in just five years. We must use automation and new network architectures to be able to monitor this data in motion, at a deeper and broader level than ever before. This is creating a need for next-gen analytics to be tied to next-gen security capabilities - I have a passion for the way these two things can come together to solve our biggest security challenges today.

Now, there is a race going on with how we can use this big data with some of the industry incumbents who are very invested in what they’ve been building over the years. But, I think it’s going to take something disruptive in security analytics for people to buy in to why this is so important and how analytics can be done in a completely different way to improve security across organizations.

That’s certainly a powerful idea. Let’s switch gears a bit to talk about your own career. You’ve spent much of your career building out professional services organizations, most recently at Cisco. What experience and knowledge can you bring to vArmour when it comes to the importance of services in the world of high tech?

Aside from Cisco, I have also built and delivered end-to-end services for Hitachi Data Systems, EDS, and other massive companies. So when I look at vArmour and where we are starting, I think we already get the importance of professional services. vArmour is focused on creating a customer experience that minimizes the high cost of a managed service/consulting company. In my experience, I have seen how really solid professional services accelerates time to ROI for customers, as well as the speeds up overall time to market. vArmour has a great foundation to do just that - which will allow us to scale even more than we are now.

We are excited for you to bring that experience to every part of our organization, including professional services. So with all of your industry experience, tell us, why did you choose to join vArmour’s board? What’s unique about us?

Well, for my next chapter, I wanted to stay in the security space, but as I said, I was looking for a technology that was really going to change the industry. I see vArmour as just that - it’s like disruption on steroids. The same way virtualization transformed the data center… and how converged and even hyper-converged are now doing the same thing to transform virtualization, vArmour has this opportunity for security and I love that I’m going to get be a part of it. I don’t go into these things half-heartedly, and after seeing what vArmour has built to give enterprises and service providers alike the ultimate coverage and control at any level they desire - something that the 60+ security vendors that many enterprises deploy already cannot provide - I know that this is the company that will change the security game.

We look forward to you joining us in that journey! To close off, you’ve mentioned that one of your biggest passions is giving back. Can you talk about a few causes that you support and their importance to you?

I think we can always find a way to contribute to these organizations - whether financially or with our time. My wife drives most of these for our family. We are involved with a wide range of non-profits, from food banks to cancer and diabetes research to the SPCA and other animal rescue groups. The passion for animal rescue comes from my wife - right now, we have two rescue Chihuahuas but in the past, we’ve had up to 6! It can get a bit noisy at home...

Most recently, I was approached by the Dean at the Fisher School of Business at Ohio State University and I’ve since committed to serve as an executive in residence. I am excited for my first lecture this month on leadership and how much Leadership matters. I live and lead by the golden rule of “treat people the way you want to be treated” - and, of course, will bring this same approach to vArmour.

Look for future blog posts from Gary and stay up to date with him on Twitter by following @GBMOORE.