Nutanix + vArmour = Distributed Everything (No, Really - It Is)

Nutanix + vArmour = Distributed Everything (No, Really - It Is)

Walking into the conference room for our first meeting at Nutanix’s San Jose headquarters, I noticed immediately how Nutanix had lined the walls with posters of words and images of their key mantras: Distributed Everything, Scale Out, and Fastest Time to Value. From this initial impression, it was clear that vArmour and Nutanix are compatible on not only a technical architecture level, but more importantly, on our core values for what it means to provide innovative solutions for enterprise data center and clouds. And today, we’re excited to be one of Nutanix’s inaugural Elevate Technical Alliance Partners , the start of a truly synergistic partnership that will benefit customers and the channel alike in building and securing the next-generation of virtualized data center and clouds.

In this meeting, we gave our pitch - we started with how vArmour is the industry’s first distributed security system, built to secure the modern data center and cloud. In this case, “modern” was referring to the Nutanix hyper-converged appliance, the most disruptive data center architecture on the market today. Next, we stated our belief that the entire data center (including security) should be 100% software-defined, and easy to scale-out - a concept Nutanix has already applied to the storage and compute layers. To conclude, we explained how security policy can’t be an after thought - it needs to be built into the fabric of workloads to be easily deployed and managed at the speed of business. In today’s world, this speed is minutes, not hours or days, and this is the same time to value Nutanix promises for its hyper-converged compute and storage resources.

Throughout our discussion, the nods between our teams confirmed the alignment between our companies and our solutions. But, we had reached the ultimate test: will our products actually work together the way we predicted? Our technical experts started to dig into the details - the Nutanix team ran through the range of hypervisors they supported and we gave the deep dive on our API-driven, open security architecture. By the end of the conversation, we validated that the vArmour hypervisor-agnostic fabric made it easy for any IT practitioner to insert vArmour into the multi-hypervisor Nutanix architecture.

Our meeting came to a close (and actually managed to finish on time), and we reached the conclusion that vArmour and Nutanix, together, will simplify and secure the next-generation of “distributed everything” data centers. Nutanix provides a turnkey solution comprised of hyper-converged compute, storage and virtualization resources and vArmour wraps protection around each of these workloads with an independent set security policy controls through our distributed system. And with that, from product values to technical validation, we had the beginning of a long-term and strategic partnership, reflected in the our status as one of the first Nutanix Elevate Technical Alliance Partners.

Learn more about our partnership with Nutanix in our joint webinar, vArmour & Nutanix: Distributed Everything. Watch on-demand.


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