Microsegmentation cost saving #4: Lower time to see and stop cyber threats

Microsegmentation cost saving #4: Lower time to see and stop cyber threats

In our last blog, we covered how microsegmentation can save you money by streamlining the often-siloed process of security policy changes. Today we’ll focus on another time-saver that is even more critical to protecting your organization, while still reducing costs: how microsegmentation can lower the time it takes to see and stop cyber threats.

Challenges responding to threats quickly

During any cyber attack, time is of the essence to limit the damage a breach can cause. Unfortunately, most organizations are forced to use a plethora of siloed security products to deal with a single security event – including as next-generation firewalls, SIEMs, and in some cases, software-defined networks. Operators are forced to service-chain these disparate solutions together, which is incredibly time consuming and resource-intensive for operators to see and stop laterally-moving attacks. For operators, multiple tools across different vendor platforms in order to detect and remediate a single security event wastes time that is critical during an attack.

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Real world example: SecOps team

A typical SecOps team may identify a security event with their SIEM tool in place and must manually trace the origin and spread of the attack - which can take hours or days. Once the initial point of compromise is found, security operators must work with their firewall administrator in the infrastructure team to actually to respond to the attack and update their security policy to prevent future breaches. This chain of events wastes valuable time, when the attacker could be moving laterally to identify and exfiltrate critical assets.

Adopt an integrated solution for secure microsegmentation

Leverage a combined solution from one provider to gain workload separation, advanced security policies, and threat analytics in a single integrated tool to simplify your security operations. Application-layer monitoring can rapidly detect security events – including APTs – in one correlated view that can be used to define and enforce security policies for attack remediation – all from a single solution.

Make the switch from service-chaining to a single integrated system to prevent, detect, and respond to security events and you can expect…

  • Lowered CapEx: Reduce the licensing, support, services, and refresh cycle costs of multiple products by moving to a single, integrated software solution.
  • Reduced Breach Impact: Increase the speed of detection and remediation by centralizing the visibility and management of cyber threats in a single tool, with fewer users and products across the organization operating in silos.
  • Streamlined Operations: Reduce the amount of time wasted with separate tools for gathering and correlating security event information from disparate sources to find the root of the attack and then implement necessary security controls.
  • Improved Troubleshooting: Avoid the vendor “blame game” and instead focus on a single solution to troubleshoot and support, not multiple products service-chained together.

Not sold yet on the cost benefits of secure microsegmentation? Come back to read the last blog in our series on microsegmentation cost savings, where we will cover increasing the speed of secure application delivery.

But, if you’re ready to learn all 5 right now, download our eBook: 5 Ways Secure Microsegmentation Saves You Money.

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