[Infographic] 5 Ways Microsegmentation Can Really Save You Money

[Infographic] 5 Ways Microsegmentation Can Really Save You Money

There are two things all of our customers at vArmour have in common: they want (and need) to reduce their risk and their costs. Unfortunately, in the security world, these two things don’t usually go together. For most customers, being more secure means buying more and more hardware boxes to build up the walls around their network and data center edge to keep bad guys out… which are expensive to purchase initially and operate ongoing. And with the rise of breaches – up from 49 million records lost in 2013 to 121 million in 2015* - continuing to buy more of these boxes and appliances clearly isn’t cutting it to deal with attackers. So, many of you are on the hunt for something new to protect your data center and cloud, without asking to double your InfoSec budget (which, let’s be real, isn’t happening anyways) – enter microsegmentation.

What is microsegmentation?

Inside your virtualized data center, microsegmentation means providing granular isolation and control of individual workloads on each hypervisor. This additional control is locally significant to each hypervisor, and does not require complex configuration changes to the physical data center network to make adjustments. You can use microsegmentation to improve your security posture as well as increase your infrastructure utilization.

Our customers tell us they require more than this separation alone in today’s landscape – they also need security analytics, threat detection, and advanced policy controls to get a complete microsegmentation solution for security. With this type of secure microsegmentation, you can monitor what is happening inside your virtualized data center and cloud as well as secure every workload at the application-layer. Then, you can effectively prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats inside your perimeter.

[eBook] 5 Ways Secure Microsegmentation Saves You Money


How can it save you money?

How can you achieve this security nirvana… and actually lower your security costs along the way? With software, of course. In this upcoming blog series, we will dive deep into 5 REAL ways you can lower risks and costs by adopting software for secure microsegmentation:

  • Way #1: Eliminate under-utilized zones and choke points
  • Way #2: Avoid costly hardware refresh cycles and on-going maintenance
  • Way #3: Reduce the time and complexity to process security changes
  • Way #4: Lower the time it takes to see and stop a threats
  • Way #5: Increase speed of secure application delivery

Get started with our infographic below, to get a preview of the blog series and look for our post next week, explaining how you can use microsegmentation to eliminate under-utilized zones and choke points in your data center – all while cutting your costs.

And if you’re ready to learn all 5 ways right now, download our eBook: 5 Ways Secure Microsegmentation Saves You Money.

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