Dig the New Breed

Dig the New Breed

There’s a great live album by The Jam called, “Dig the New Breed”.  It’s an incredible album, and for me defined the mix of old and new that made The Jam such a great band.  They paid homage to those who had come before, but were their own thing.  They were different. 

In security, it’s clearly time for something different.  Every week there’s a new data breach splashed across the headlines.  Bad guys find a way inside the perimeter, and then once inside they move around freely inside the data center.  I chat with CIOs and CISOs every day, and they all say the same thing: “I can’t see east/west traffic.  I can’t see what’s happening inside my data center.”  As organizations continue to virtualize their infrastructure and move workloads to the cloud, this problem is only going to get worse. 

Solving the problem of laterally spreading threats in a software and cloud world is a hard problem.  At vArmour, we believe that trying to iterate on the legacy perimeter model and make it incrementally better will never solve this problem. You have to do it differently.  You need a new approach that is not held back by legacy architectures or business models.  One that is architected from the ground up for the cloud.   This is what we are delivering with vArmour. 

The Opportunity

Virtualization and software have transformed compute, storage, and networking.  Yet security has been left behind.  Every major security player today was founded pre-virtualization, pre-mobile, pre-social, and pre-cloud.  In the new world, it’s all about software and horizontal scaling and analytics.  It’s a fundamental transition in how we protect our critical assets.  Security should be where your applications and data are – which is everywhere.  It’s not about doing it better, it’s about doing it differently.

vArmour’s founders saw this transition looming in the distance, and set about building a new kind of security system, one built for cloud.  They built the foundation of the company to come, by building the first software-based distributed security system.  This approach will transform the way we architect security policies and controls, not just in the cloud, but across virtual and physical environments as well.  It will disrupt both traditional technology architectures and traditional business models stuck in the legacy world of hardware.

Data Center Security with vArmour

Traditional tools aren’t capable of delivering the visibility, threat detection, and control down to the individual workload across the entire data center.    vArmour is the data center security company that delivers a level of visibility that the industry has never known, by building the first distributed security system at cloud scale.  It’s where security meets virtualization. When you see organizations struggling to decipher what is happening inside their environment and stay ahead of the bad guys, that’s our opportunity to help them. 

These early days are some of the most exciting because the future is wide open.  That’s right where we want to be, weaving our culture and our passion into vArmour’s product every step of this journey.  Protecting customers from advanced attackers and laterally moving threats is our most obvious value proposition, but it would matter little if it were not delivered with excellence.  We’ve got an incredible team passionate about tackling the hardest problems in security.

Our conversations with partners and customers always start with a few simple questions: 

“Do you have visibility into the east/west traffic flows within your data center? Once the bad guys get in (and they are getting in), do you have ability to find them and prevent a breach?”

Time and time again, we hear the same answers: “no”. The old ways of solving these problems aren’t working. It’s time for something new.

Dare to Be Different

There’s another great live album by Theatre of Hate called “He Who Dares Wins”.  I’ve got that album framed in the office at vArmour.  The vArmour journey is going to be an exciting one where we’ll dare to take risks, and dare to be different.  It’s going to be a great ride.