Cisco and vArmour team to bring application-layer security to the multi-cloud

Cisco and vArmour team to bring application-layer security to the multi-cloud

If you watch the network and security spaces closely, you may have seen Cisco’s announcement today naming vArmour as a member of their ACI ecosystem. If you missed it, not a problem, you can see it here.

We're excited to integrate with Cisco ACI to deliver software-driven, application-aware security and continuous monitoring for data center and cloud environments. Together, the joint solution of the vArmour Distributed Security System and Cisco ACI gives organizations the advanced security they need, delivered at the speed they want, through one programmable framework for world-class application networking and security.

vArmour brings fully stateful application-layer security policy and monitoring into the ACI framework. With vArmour, this advanced security is distributed across the network. Because both ACI and vArmour operate on the concept of a “fabric,” the two products pair well together. Our DSS fabric is not a single point or entity (like a box), and so vArmour can be distributed across the ACI fabric, wrapping every workload in L7 stateful security. Add to that Armour's integrated security analytics for threat detection, and you have a powerful new tool-kit for application-centric security in your data center.

The move to application-centric operating models for infrastructure opens up new opportunities to make networking and security easier to operate, and more relevant to the business. By creating a consistent operating model centered on what’s important to the business - the application - IT teams can push out applications faster, automate ongoing operations, and better prioritize events and security incidents. vArmour integrates with Cisco ACI to exchange application-centric objects (called end-point groups). This creates the consistent, application-centric model for networking and security that is so valuable in embracing cloud infrastructure.

Customers can deploy built-in security policy with every workload, so they can prevent and stop cyber threats, without a security gap to worry about or new policy creation to slow things down.

Together, Cisco ACI and vArmour DSS give network and security operators:

  • Visibility - get application-layer monitoring to see what talks to what, and develop policy.
  • Control - set security policy contracts within end point groups to provide fine-grained controls.
  • Insight - use advanced security analytics on network, application, and user behavior to tweak policy and continually improve security - decreasing your attack surface.

Finally, we know this will be particularly welcome news for network and security integrators, VARs and service providers looking to build a rich set of solutions on ACI. The opportunity to build combined network and security solutions and deploy through a single framework means smoother installs and seamless maintenance.

Thanks to all our friends at Cisco for being a great company to work with.

To learn more about our partnership with Cisco ACI, download the joint solution brief.

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