Every Application, Every Relationship, Every Environment

For any infrastructure—VMware NSX, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Cisco ACI, Tanium, and more—only vArmour lets you visualize and control relationships across any platform enterprise-wide.

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Reduce Operational Risk

Continuous discovery of application dependencies and automated assessment of connected risk.

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Increase Application Resiliency

Visualize complex behaviors and reduce the blast radius of incidents.

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Secure Hybrid Clouds

Accelerate secure adoption of hybrid cloud through faster migrations and automation of cloud-native security controls.

Today’s enterprises are a complex mix of public and private clouds, SDNs, endpoints, and other types of disparate infrastructure. Organizations need an Application Relationship Management solution such as vArmour for consistent visibility and control of application relationships across the dynamic enterprise.

- Doug Cahill, Vice President & Group Director, Cybersecurity

Continuously Discover and Visualize Applications

Applications are a complex blend of new and old. vArmour makes it easy to understand and search complex application relationships across any environment—from cloud-native to mainframes.

Automate Policy Creation and Governance

Applications are dynamic, with constantly changing behaviors. vArmour automatically builds application baselines and security policies, letting you know instantly when an application violates policy.

Isolate and Control Applications

Rapidly reduce your application attack surface by using the infrastructure you already own to isolate applications. vArmour orchestrates consistent enforcement of security policies across public cloud, private cloud, and legacy.

Only vArmour Delivers Enterprise-wide Application Relationship Management

Map relationships across your entire dynamic enterprise in one view
  • Only vArmour lets you see every application relationship and communication. Your application stacks span a mix of new and old—vArmour takes native telemetry from all and transforms that into a single picture. From microscopic relationships between individual workloads to macroscopic relationships across business units and clouds, vArmour gives you insights into applications and risk, and lets you share them with others.

  • vArmour is like Google Earth for the Enterprise.

Control your applications with simple intent, not arcane configuration
  • Only vArmour takes your policy intent, and translates that into reality. Simply declare your intent—increase resiliency; reduce risk; or ensure compliance—and vArmour automatically computes both monitoring and enforcement policies. We’ll even simulate the effects of policy changes before implementing so you can deploy with confidence. vArmour transforms manual, error-prone processes that took weeks or months into a simple click.

  • vArmour makes policies simple.

Leverage existing technology—no new agents or appliances
  • Only vArmour lets you get more value out of the investments you’ve already made. Installing new agents or infrastructure is time intensive and costly. Yet the technology you already own has all the data and controls you need—from APIs and flow logs to security groups and distributed firewalls. You can’t get end-to-end visibility and control without leveraging the power of your platforms—VMware NSX, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and others.

  • vArmour lets you spend less to get where you’re going faster.

Architected for Scale; Built for Simplicity

Application Relationship Management
  • Continuous discovery and monitoring of application behaviors through machine learning delivers a dynamic understanding of operational risk.
  • Intuitively visualize risk and incident blast radius in a single view across every environment.
  • vArmour Relationship Search pinpoints risks inside of critical applications, including related dependencies of those applications.
  • Eliminate error-prone manual policies and automate policy creation & governance through intelligent Intent-based policy orchestration.
Relationship Graph
  • Dynamically updated graph of every workload relationship in your environment—from A to B to C to D.
  • Store and search relationships at Enterprise-scale—millions of relationships analyzed every second.
  • Near-infinite historical storage of application relationships—understand historical changes, trends, and seasonality.
Edge Processing
  • Scale to the largest Enterprise environments with high performance, horizontally scaling distributed telemetry ingestion & API access.
  • Advanced edge processing transforms log and API data into relationships through sessionization & deduplication; meta-data processing and enrichment; environment state management, and more.
Data Connectors
  • Simple Data Connectors for common platforms makes it easy to bring data into vArmour, and to enforce security policies.
  • vArmour Conform technology abstracts and normalizes the nuances of each platform so you don’t have to. Conform assures compliance and security policy requirements are applied consistently across your environment.
  • vArmour SDK makes it easy to extend the capabilities of the Application Controller to customize and integrate additional data sources.
Ecosystem Partners
  • Broad ecosystem of partnerships makes it fast and easy to integrate vArmour into your existing environment and apps—from cloud-native to mainframes.
  • From cloud providers to infrastructure, IT operations to endpoint protection platforms, CMDBs to vulnerability management, only vArmour makes it easy to get more value out of the technology investments you’ve already made.


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