vArmour Operational Resilience Automation

Throw out your manual process and get a visual map of your IT Estate. Fast.

Digitalization worked, but now decision-making is risky. Watch us reveal dependencies, identify risks, and help you see ground truth.


vArmour proudly sponsors The BCI

The BCI encourages members to focus on business resilience. We agree. We automate ICT so you can make business decisions based on ground truth.

Dynamic mapping captures baseline reality – or ground truth.

Ground truth is an accurate, continuously updated, observation-driven map of application stacks across new and old infrastructure. vArmour boosts business resilience—migration, risk reduction, segmentation—by providing a continuous view of changes in behavior.

Contextualize the terrain – understand dependencies and relationships.

Throw out manual processes. Get automated. vArmour provides a unifying view of all relationships and dependencies—both vertically and horizontally— to understand overall risk exposure, identify security risks, and enforce protection policies.

Unleash fidelity – accelerate decision-making by visualizing the impact of change.

Model proposed changes within vArmour, to identify which relationships will be adversely impacted and potential risks. Ground truth allows you to make swift, well-informed decisions that fuel business growth.

The vArmour Difference
Built for today’s dynamic computing environment, we’re committed to leaving no footprint – we’re agentless and use your existing investments to ingest, correlate, and synthesize telemetry using patented methodologies.

Of course, we scale and adapt as you change. And because our mission is to visualize your infrastructure, there’s no impact on vArmour, regardless of how fast you grow.

We strive to innovate. We have an impressive array of more than 30 patents. Because we take securely managing data seriously to protect the privacy of our clients, we are also SOC2 Type 2 certified.


Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer