Continuous Monitoring

You can’t protect what you can’t see: understand network, application and user behaviors

Much focus and security has been placed at the Internet and perimeter edge to understand what’s going in and out of the modern data center. Whereas, operators should be more concerned about what’s happening inside, among the workloads where many organizations are blind- within and between hypervisors and clouds. vArmour provides visibility into unseen network, application and user traffic without sampling a subset of data or using host-based systems.

Why Use Continuous Monitoring?

Gain East-West Visibility

Visualize and analyze 100% of your workload traffic with Layer 7 deep packet inspection inside your virtual and cloud environments - often unseen by NGFWs and traditional perimeter solutions.

Simplify Network Forensics

Investigate the root cause and lateral spread of an attack through recursive mapping of connections and protocols between workloads to ascertain the full scope of a compromise within minutes.

Plan Cloud Migration

Visualize all application dependencies before migrating to the cloud by understanding all communication patterns between applications to create informed policies.

Deep visibility into unseen network, application and user traffic

  • Every communication flow is inspected whether between workloads, on the same subnet, same VLAN, or same hypervisor - no sampling of packets
  • Full fidelity Layer 7 traffic data can be explored by application, protocol, workload, and traffic direction to better baseline normal behaviors and spot suspicious ones
  • Security policy violations and unknown application use can be quickly identified, empowering operators to build better policies to improve overall security posture
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Integrated security analytics with quarantine controls

  • Suspicious behaviors are automatically organized by kill chain stage to prioritize forensic investigations
  • Single system to analyze lateral spread and immediately click-to-quarantine where suspicious workloads can be easily isolated from the network
  • Rich drill-downs and ad hoc search providing greater context for network outages, policy violations or lateral spread of an attack - taking minutes, not days or months
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Simple to deploy and use

  • Simple software download taking minutes, not hours, to start seeing inside your data center with unparalleled visibility
  • Installs in Tap Mode in 15 minutes, requiring no network configuration or special hardware to get started
  • Single dashboard to gain insights across network, application, and user traffic, instead of manually correlating multiple security analytics tools
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“vArmour has identified a security risk that many people in the education community didn’t realize existed until vArmour brought it to our attention. With vArmour’s East-West visibility, we can do security monitoring where student PII exists, and help our customers understand their threats.”

Michael McKerley
CTO and VP
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