Cyber Deception

Adopt a proactive defense-in-depth security strategy with a simple, scalable, and secure cyber deception solution

Deception security technologies are increasingly being seen as necessary layers for a comprehensive defense-in-depth program. However, adoption of these technologies has been a complex, time consuming, and risky proposition. By leveraging vArmour’s patented distributed security system, vArmour removes these roadblocks and delivers a simple, scalable, and secure cyber deception solution to help organizations achieve a more proactive cloud security posture.

Why Use Cyber Deception?

Defend Networks Proactively

Leverage unused address ranges in your data center to lure attackers away from critical assets and quickly identify the scope of a breach, before attackers have reached their objective.

Detect Threats

Locate malicious actors probing your virtualized data center and identify compromised credentials.

Streamline Incident Response

Perform detailed investigations of security incidents and, when combined with vArmour’s micro-segmentation capabilities, rapidly quarantine compromised workloads for isolation and deeper network forensics.

Simple to deploy and configure

  • Automated deployment and configuration can be completed in as little as 15 minutes
  • Integrated management and monitoring tools are employable even by non-security experts
  • Unified security analytics capabilities provide a broad and deep view for forensic investigations within a single interface
  • Rapidly move from investigation to response with integrated quarantine and security policy controls when combined with vArmour’s micro-segmentation capabilities
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Scalable across entire data center and cloud

  • Leverages unused network ranges to create the appearance of thousands of cyber deception points from an extremely small IT resource footprint
  • Deception coverage is automatic for all workloads protected by vArmour DSS - regardless of operating system
  • New workloads are automatically protected as soon as they’re instantiated, without the need for any additional configuration or waiting for agents to be loaded
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Hardened and secured architecture

  • All communications in and out of each Deception Point are tightly protected with vArmour’s micro-segmentation technology
  • Integrated network logging and analysis of all communications provides a complete view of virtualized data center communications for network forensic investigations and accurate incident response
  • Quickly lock-down compromised workloads with click-to-quarantine functionality when combined with vArmour’s advanced security policy enforcement
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Distributed Deception Platforms (DDPs) give rise to a new type of detection capability, leveraging deception to rapidly enhance detection and response regardless of the evasiveness of an advanced attacker.

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