Cloud Security

Build security policy into cloud infrastructure with vArmour’s 100% API-driven architecture

Cloud infrastructure trends, such as hyper-converged, DevOps, and public cloud, are driving speed and efficiency into IT, but security often lags behind - slowing the path of applications to market. vArmour allows operators to build security into every new workload as it is deployed by providing automated and orchestrated application-layer security policy that starts and stays with an application, wherever it goes.

Why Use Cloud Security?

Build Security In

Whether migrating to public cloud or upgrading a private cloud, build security policy into infrastructure to match the agility and simplicity of the modern data center.

Enable DevSecOps

Secure CI/CD chain with on-demand security policy that starts with and stays with the workload throughout its entire lifecycle.

Security Across Clouds

Centralize security policy management across multi-clouds, without creating additional complexity or seams in protection that can be taken advantage of by cyber attackers.

API-driven architecture scales and automates security

  • Extensible security architecture that can auto-scale with workloads and applications, both on-premises and off-premises
  • Full-featured JSON/REST APIs integrate seamlessly with third-party orchestration, automation, and DevOps tools, such as Puppet and Chef
  • Leveraging these APIs, operators can streamline security policy creation and management to maintain speed of application delivery, without sacrificing security
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Global security policies, managed Centrally

  • Infrastructure-independent security policy maintains state, regardless of workload location or ties to physical appliances
  • Single point of policy management for every workload and application, including integration with existing orchestration tools
  • With native support for live migration (such as VMware vMotion), security policy automatically travels with the workload and application, without disruption or security gaps
  • Application-awareness results in stronger protection and better definition of policy that can be aligned with development or operations requirements
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Distributed, high-performance security processing

  • Security processing is dynamically distributed across the vArmour Fabric for greater system performance, without reliance on load balancers or other additional hardware
  • Being software-only, vArmour has unmatched performance, scalability, and sizing characteristics to meet DevOps demands, compared to traditional security appliances
  • Security services are more elastic, scaling as cloud services scale and orchestrated as part of existing application development workflow
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“What we’ve seen in introducing vArmour is the speed that we can implement [security], because the business can’t wait for us to say it’s going to be one day, two days, four days, a week, to put their change in. We need to be so responsive and so agile in our behavior, and vArmour gives us a way to do that.”

Ian Saggers
Global Head of IT Infrastructure
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