Why The First Order Needed Microsegmentation

Why The First Order Needed Microsegmentation

A few weeks ago, I, like many fans, was thrust back to my childhood with the latest in the Star Wars franchise – The Force Awakens. From the moment we saw the first glimpse of the Millennium Falcon until the gut-wrenching turn of events that caused our favorite furry citizen of the planet Kashyyyk to snarl in dismay, this film truly reinvigorated an entire generation of fans. Being the total fan boy that I am, I was shocked that while watching a crucial part of the film, I got to thinking about how the First Order could have used the new data center and cloud security concept of microsegmentation to remove the ability for their massive destroying planet to fall victim to the small set of rebel fighters. My real world was being reflected in cinema imagination.

The idea of microsegmentation is to break up the often “gooey” inside of the data center that is unprotected into smaller groups of assets with their own individual set of barriers. This reduces the risk that a single point of failure can bring from only deploying an exterior perimeter of defense, and also eliminates the possibility of a chain reaction of destruction that can occur once that outer wall is penetrated by just one successful attack. In the case of Star Wars, had the Dark Side learned to properly segment the inside of their Starkiller Base, Po and the rest of the rebel fighters wouldn’t have been able to exploit the fact that there was a widely known chink in their proverbial armor which they then could take advantage of to destroy the entire base - without any way for the Dark Side to stop the destruction once it started.

The good news is that today, all over our own galaxy, organizations are realizing what the architects of destruction for the Dark Side never did by adopting next-generation security technologies. Microsegmentation allows organizations to effectively protect and defend against the Sith Lords of our day who come in the form of modern hackers and cyber terrorists. By deploying security controls around their most sensitive workloads, no more shall malicious hackers have the ability to destroy or steal these assets by simply finding a network’s thermal mine shaft and firing a few proton torpedoes of their own.

With that, may the Force of microsegmentation be with you.

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