What vArmour DSS-V Means for You, Our Users

What vArmour DSS-V Means for You, Our Users

As a follow-up to the release of our free product, vArmour DSS-V, we sat down with two of our own IT specialists at vArmour, Eva and Laz, to get their perspective on the importance of this easy-to-access, downloadable model for IT and InfoSec practitioners.

To start, can you both provide a bit of background on your career in IT and what the primary pain points were for your organization?

Eva: I spent over 5 years working at BEA Systems as the IT Director and managed many facets of IT, including heading up a project team of 100+ employees to build out the data center that powered the entire company. With this project, I experienced first-hand the dichotomy between the speed of the business and technology solutions that must keep up. At BEA, we realized that to stay competitive, we needed to move faster than ever before. As a result, our business demanded an IT-as-a-Service model. However, many of the technology solutions I was exploring at the time were born prior to the digital age and were not designed to enable the speed we needed, especially in security.

Laz: As a CISO at multiple organizations, I’ve been conditioned to do more with less, manage my time carefully, and evaluate the threat landscape frequently. This required me to think differently and quickly when it came to researching emerging technologies. Similarly, developers, IT, and InfoSec practitioners want to work with technology on their own terms - they want to be able to download software and test it in their environment to ensure it’s working as designed. I believe it’s critical for vendors to realize that industry practitioners, like me, will want to evaluate technology solutions when they want to, without the friction of the traditional sales process that used to frustrate me.

And to solve these complex problems, what did you look for in a vendor to help provide a solution?

Eva: Fundamentally, I only want to do business with people who give me what I want and people who deeply understand my need for it. When I was working at BEA, I would seek out the companies that offered tools and resources to self-educate on potential solutions. These vendors demonstrated a respect for my ability to make well-informed decisions, and I felt empowered to test out various products before choosing the solution that was right for my organization.

Laz: I agree with Eva - it’s all about giving technologists the information and tools, with as few barriers as possible. Consider a common but important IT challenge - data analysis. Just a couple years ago, organizations would have to purchase servers and software, hire data scientists, and setup data warehouses in order to sift through petabytes of data. Today, an engineer can quickly download analytics software and run complex analysis “out-of-the-box”, providing the end-user more data than ever before to draw their own hypothesis and conclusions.

So coming full circle to our release of vArmour DSS-V last week, how is vArmour helping IT and security practitioners with this new product?

Laz: The same forces (mobile, cloud, and big data) that are transforming the data center are also transforming buyer behavior. I believe this started out in the B2C environment, but now buyers demand the same self-service experience in B2B, which is usually slower to progress. With vArmour DSS-V, we are ahead of the curve when it comes to giving users full visibility into their data center - with this offer, you can download and install in as little as 15 minutes - for free.

Eva: Our distributed solution scales to deliver visibility and security in this digital age by wrapping granular protection around the ever-changing assets in the data center. And I think this ties to a quote that I love from Alice MacDougall that says, “In business, you get what you want by giving other people what they want.” And with our free version of vArmour, we are giving people not only a product they want, but also one they need to do their jobs in visualizing and protecting their data center.

To get started with vArmour DSS-V in your own data center in as little as 15 minutes, request a download today.

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