[Video] Why You Need Application-Centric Security in Hyper Converged

[Video] Why You Need Application-Centric Security in Hyper Converged

Since announcing our partnership with HPE earlier this year, we’ve been working together to bring simple and secure hyper converged infrastructure solution to market. A few weeks ago, our CTO Marc Woolward sat down with Sr. Director, Solutions Product Management for HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, Cullen Ruegemer, to talk about the joint vArmour and HPE solution and how it helps customers.

The key benefit of hyper converged is undoubtedly speed. Infrastructure that once took weeks to provision can now be spun up in hours or minutes. But with this ease of deploying new workloads comes a higher priority to ensure those workloads are protected at time of creation with the appropriate security policy (and aren’t increasing the size of an organization’s attack surface).

Dated perimeter and physical approaches to data center security are simply not enough in this new, dynamic environment. Their original security architecture was designed to protect the well-defined perimeter, but that notion faded with the advent of digitalization (including cloud computing, mobile, IoT) and the increasing sophistication of attackers.

As Ruegemer states, “as we were redefining hype converged with our offerings, we knew we had to rethink our approach to security. And that’s why we’re so excited to partner with vArmour to provide our customers’ integrated security and infrastructure solution designed with the hybrid cloud in mind from the ground up. The two together form a simple and easy-to-deploy solution. One with no wrestling required. No dependency on network topology and no agent to deploy."

Our joint solution is a direct reflection of what our customers are telling us they need.

  • Security “built in” - operators want to be able to deploy security policy in real-time alongside the workload with the same line of code with which they can deploy infrastructure (instead of bolting it on long after the workload is deployed). In doing so, operators can eliminate the security provisioning gap and dramatically reduce the attack surface in their hyper converged environment.
  • Visibility - It’s simple: you cannot protect what you can’t see. HPE and vArmour together provide continuous monitoring of network, application and user activities, so operators can understand dependencies and see potential threats moving north to south and east to west in their environment.
  • Defense in Depth - operators want not just visibility but also control over internal traffic. More importantly, they want to build and implement security policy in an application-aware manner, enabling them to see, segment and secure their environment at the granular level that today’s sophisticated threats demand.

These needs are particularly important for customers in regulated industries where compliance is a requirement and could be a barrier to hyper converged adoption without the right security in place. As our CTO Marc explained in our video interview, “it's really key when you’re moving to a hyper converged infrastructure, to enable the operator to implement the controls necessary to safeguard critical customer data be that financial data or medical records.”

We are both proud and excited to be partnering with an organization like HPE to make composable infrastructure simple and secure.

To learn more about our partnership with HPE, download the joint solution brief: Secure delivery of on-demand IT resources from HPE and vArmour.

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