[Video] CIO of John Muir Health on Securing the Digitization of Healthcare

[Video] CIO of John Muir Health on Securing the Digitization of Healthcare

In many of my conversations with our customers in financial services to retail, they talk about the digitization of their industry. Healthcare is no exception to this trend, from actual services provided to electronic patient records. This is having a massive impact on the way their IT services are delivered and consumed, with growing adoption of cloud, BYOD/mobile, and more across healthcare. In light of these changes, forward-thinking healthcare organizations are recognizing the need to look beyond the “defense in depth” security strategy that was built for the old world of physical. Today, we will share the transformation story of innovative healthcare network integrator and vArmour customer John Muir Health in our video interview with their CIO and SVP, Jon Russell.



Our healthcare customers explain the digitization trend being driven by a number of factors, including customer expectations for digital healthcare services (75% of patients, according to McKinsey new industry regulations (i.e. HITECH), and adoption of connected clinical devices – estimated to reach 59+ billion by 2020. Specifically in the case of John Muir Health, Jon explained that an increase in the number of affiliations between their doctors, providers and patients – including a massive partnership with UCSF – was driving their adoption of private cloud and other technologies to increase the reach of their service delivery as well their competitive differentiation. In addition, Jon, like many vArmour customers, aspires to someday not be in the “data center business” at all – and migrate much of their environment into the public cloud so he can better focus on strategic IT initiatives that support the business of John Muir Health.

With these projects in mind, Jon and his team still must prioritize the protection of their patients’ data– as he explained, “it’s not just our community’s information… a lot of times, it’s our own, too.” In adopting cloud, Jon realized that the external barriers he put as part of their “defense in depth” strategy were simply not enough anymore – and they needed a cloud-first approach to security to avoid becoming the next Anthem or Premera. In addition, Jon had a tech-savvy Board of Directors that he reported to as CIO that shared his security concerns. This drove Jon to explore next-generation security technologies that went beyond the perimeter to protect their growing data center and cloud infrastructure being extended out to 3rd party partners and many locations throughout the Bay Area. 

This search is what brought Jon to us here at vArmour, to help him and his team overcome the security challenges they are facing as they undergo their digital transformation. Watch our interview with Jon to hear how our partnership is providing his team application-layer monitoring and control of their horizontally moving traffic inside their on-premises environment – and also the ability to scale across public cloud in the future.

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