vArmour’s Marketing department wins 2017 Stevie Award!

vArmour’s Marketing department wins 2017 Stevie Award!

vArmour’s Marketing team was recently recognized with the 2017 Stevie Award for Marketing Department of the Year. Led by CMO Eva Tsai, the team is infused with her DNA: smart, analytical, resourceful, and agile. Eva and her team embody startup resourcefulness with their can-do attitude and willingness to look for ways to get things done, all with a smile!

In an effort to educate the market on vArmour’s competitive differentiators and to support high rates of customer demand, the Marketing Department has successfully promoted vArmour’s innovations, driven thought leadership, secured prestigious industry accolades, grown strong demand, built a passionate customer community, fostered cross-functional alignment and refined sales motion with its patent-pending predictive analytics. These accomplishments further solidify vArmour’s position as a security powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

Market shaping:

vArmour’s engagement with the analyst community and industry heavyweights has established vArmour as a data center and cloud security leader: 

  • Network World product review calling vArmour as the best and only solution for true segmentation in the cloud computing era and why the traditional firewall alternative simply does not cut it.
  • Network World opinion piece from ESG’s Jon Oltsik that next generation firewalls are becoming a legacy technology and are replaced by innovative solutions like vArmour. 
  • Gartner’s recognition of vArmour as 2016 cool vendor
  • Gartner’s favorable review in 2016 “Competitive Landscape: Enterprise Network Firewalls, Worldwide” and in 2017 “Comparing Products for Microsegmentation in Virtualized Data Centers.”
  • Recognition that vArmour is the leader in container security, from its partnership with Telstra and thought-awareness pieces on Database Trends & Applications, Enterprise Tech, VMblog, and SDxCentral.
  • Certification from Coalfire (Qualified Security Assessor) that vArmour is PCI compliant to establish credentials for vArmour solution.
  • SDxCentral recognition of vArmour among top players in the containers ecosystem


Demand generation:

vArmour’s unique and innovative approach to security required the Marketing Department to adapt and follow suit to accelerate traction and scale. While software is, in fact, eating the world, it still requires marketing to evolve from the slow-moving cycle of traditional hardware-based solutions, to the fast-paced cycle of a software-based one. Thus was born the two keystones of our marketing: the “vArmour DSS-V” offering, and “Opportunity Scoring.”

vAmour DSS-V centers on a free trial and proof of concept (POC) that enables prospects to experience the value of DSS firsthand. By simplifying processes, better aligning all stakeholders in a deal, and leveraging technology such as marketing automation to speed up prospect movement through the funnel, DSS-V turned out to be a resounding success. 

To further increase conversion of POCs to paying customers, the Marketing department completely reinvented the relationship and collaboration across marketing, sales, and product development. They took the notion of lead scoring and “put it on steroids”—elevating it to their patent-pending Opportunity Scoring. They’re examining the opportunities created by sales and figuring out which ones have the highest propensity to close. Opportunity Scoring leverages data in Marketo and, combining it and distilling the information into a rating that indicates high, medium, or low value for the deal. The benefits in growth and profitability have been staggering.

Additional demand generation recognitions include our pending patent for Opportunity Scoring (U.S. Patent Application No. 15/199,605), Marketo’s press release on vArmour, Marketo’s customer case study on vArmour, and Marketo’s customer showcase delivered by our own Namson Tran (who happened to also be a finalist for Marketo’s 2017 Marketer of the Year Award).


While vArmour participates in a number of events throughout the year, our presence is most strongly felt at each year’s RSA Conference. For 2017, our activities included:

  • Rockin' Out Live @ RSA 2017 concert - We showcased the hit band, Nothing But Thieves, and had over 2200 RSA-goers register for this event! Cited by many as the big RSA event they always look forward to, this concert is a great way for us to stay connected with RSA attendees
  • New Guard Service Provider Forum - A forum just for service providers, attended by many titans from this space
  • Cocktails with Character - An executive-oriented cocktail event 

Customer Partnership Program:

The vArmour Customer Partnership Program (CPP) was designed to promote close collaboration with our valued customers and bolster our customer marketing efforts. The results of the program have been stellar. For the 6 months that this program has been in place, we have had multiple design and planning sessions with customers to benefit our mutual business interests as well as our products and services.


The vArmour Blog serves as a showcase of the company’s in-house security expertise, strategic customer engagement and product innovation. Commenting on major industry news such as the widely-publicized SWIFT bank hacks, the blog has opened opportunities for vArmour’s in-house security experts to be featured on industry-leading publications such as InfoSec Island and VMblog. Many marketing departments struggle to churn out collateral fast enough to support go-to-market needs. vArmour, as a lean and mean startup, has the same resource constraints as many other companies but has effectively created a “people as product” mentality to establish a vibrant blog platform for its in-house security experts. Its blog publishing has increased substantially from one per month to now five per month. Content created as blogs gets amplified multi-fold, as it gets published in industry-leading publications, celebrated for company alignment, packaged as marketing collateral, and leveraged for demand generation and social engagement.  

Social Media (Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)

vArmour is very active on social media and the marketing team ensures that timely updates on thought leadership and product innovations are disseminated on their social media channels. vArmour’s product light board videos (in the Video Center) have been very effective in educating the market and users about vArmour’s cloud security solutions and have consistently garnered praise and commendations from employees, partners, customers and the industry:

Alliance Marketing:

The Marketing department has created partner specific collateral to showcase partner innovation solutions to enable new use cases that can expand their shared business. Partner documentation and collateral include solution briefs, reference architectures, partner podcasts, partner videos, partner webinars and much more:

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