vArmour In the News - September Roundup

vArmour In the News - September Roundup

In this month’s news roundup, we are featuring our CEO Tim’s punk rock article in Entrepreneur as well as his recent interview on CNBC Closing Bell, commenting on what the Chinese president’s visit to the US means for international cyber threats. Plus, we share recent coverage and mentions of vArmour as a security newcomer who is applying “SDN-esque” techniques, like microsegmentation, to improve data center and cloud security.

CNBC Closing Bell: U.S., China Agree on Cybersecurity Steps

In a recent interview on the Chinese president’s visit with President Obama, CEO Tim Eades answers the tough questions on how the government should be taking action to better secure their data center assets with new technologies – not those “invented before the iPhone” – and how sanctions have little effect when it comes to the negative impact of a data breach to the business.

Entrepreneur: Never Mind the Traditional. Here's How to Lead Like a Punk Rocker.

In this featured article, Tim discusses how adopting a punk rocker’s mentality in a startup can bring a unique perspective to solving the world’s toughest problems – and lead to amazing business results. “In order to have an incredibly innovative start-up, you have to create an environment that supports a ‘come as you are’ culture. It’s about encouraging employees to be themselves (authentic) -- without any need for corporate cloaks or politics. They should be able to openly share their interests, experiences, ideas and knowledge with those around them. When they have this freedom, they thrive, collaborate and do their best work.”

CB Insights: The Periodic Table Of Cybersecurity

CB Insights published a periodic table of cybersecurity to spotlight the top industry startups, industry categories, exits, and investors. The 120 companies and investors listed were chosen using CB Insights data and analytics around momentum, financial health, and investor quality. Due to vArmour’s distributed and pervasive security architecture, we are featured as a corporate (full platform) cybersecurity solution.

vArmour Mentions in Network World and Tech Target

In several articles from industry thought leaders, including ESG analyst Jon Oltsik, vArmour is called out as a newcomer to cybersecurity who is providing a much-needed, innovative approach to securing modern data center and clouds.

  • Network World: The Network’s Role as a Security Sensor and Policy Enforcer - “Today’s networks can offer much more intelligent and granular layers of defense if used more creatively. For example, SDNesque technologies from Cisco (ACI), Juniper (Contrail), Nuage Networks, vArmour, and VMware (NSX) offer simplified ways to segment networks more effectively and protect critical assets.”
  • Network World: My Assessment of VMware NSX - “At last week’s VMworld event in San Francisco, I spent a good deal of time speaking with VMware, its customers, and a wide variety of its partners about the cybersecurity use case for NSX. I came away from the event believing that NSX (and other similar SDN technologies like Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, HP VAN, Illumio, vArmour, etc.) have great potential to help large organizations lower cyber-risk.”
  • Tech Target: Security in SDN effort puts Fortinet in limelight - “The company [Fortinet] is one of a number of established security vendors that do not want to be upstaged by startups born of the SDN trend. Such newcomers include Illumio Inc., vArmour and FortyCloud Ltd.”

See how vArmour DSS compares to SDNesque technologies, like VMware NSX, for microsegmentation. Download comparison brief.

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