[Video] vArmour In the News - January Recap

[Video] vArmour In the News - January Recap

We kicked off 2016 with coverage in top news publications – from CNBC to the New York Times - of many of our executives and product experts. In this month’s news round-up, watch CEO Tim’s interview on Squawk Box and read VP of People Operations Julia in “Straight Talk on Start-Ups”. Plus, we share our team’s insight on two of this year’s hottest cybersecurity topics: ATM fraud and cyber insurance.

CNBC: Defending the cloud



In his interview on Squawk Box, CEO Tim Eades discusses how vArmour is protecting "data everywhere" and weighs in on the increase in cybersecurity spending on new technologies and companies, while legacy vendors are experiencing record lows in the market.

Bank Info Security: Lessons from ATM fraud ring arrests

Director of Product Management Jesse McKenna shares best practices to prevent ATM fraud: "A significant portion of ATMs continue to run legacy operating systems and aren't kept up to date as new attacks and new strains of malware are discovered. Just as the best practice for home computer owners is to keep their PCs up to date with all current security patches, the same is true for banks and ATMs."

New York Times: Straight Talk on Start-Ups.

Vice President of People Operations Julia Tran shares her start-up philosophy and motivation: “In Silicon Valley, you have to speak with authority and find ways to make people know that you’re bright and capable. And you have to move fast. With every dollar you bring in from investors, you’re working on borrowed time…Start-ups force you to think big picture but also drop down and figure out how to do things with very little. I pick up trash when I see it, and I go to board meetings. I feel ownership in this company — that what I do matters.”

Dark Reading: Insurers Getting Smarter About Assessing Cyber Insurance Policy Risks

Chief Cybersecurity Strategist Mark Weatherford explains the silver lining of increasing data breaches when it comes to organizations getting serious about cyber insurance: "[It’s] a wonderful thing for us in the security because, because now it's going to force companies to say 'If we want affordable cyber insurance, we're going have to invest in security, and we're going to have to be prepared to act fairly quickly when an event like Heartbleed happens."

Network World: The 4 kinds of cybersecurity customers

ESG Group analyst Jon Oltsik names vArmour as a leading company in “the most exciting IT infrastructure-buyer opportunity…hybrid heterogeneous cloud security.”

eWeek: Allegis Capital Ramps Up Investment in Cyber-Security Firms

Read why Allegis Capital invested in vArmour: "[They] are looking at where technology is going and ensuring that security is an integral part of the path to that destination.”

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