vArmour In the News - August Roundup

vArmour In the News - August Roundup

In this month’s news roundup, we are covering insider advice from our CISO Laz on how to make your IT team a hero and also the “cyberthug holidays” you need to prepare for now. Plus, we share coverage of our partnership with innovator Ravello Systems to make our products even easier for customers to demo and also our feature as one of CRN’s Emerging Security Vendors.

CIO Online: 20 Ways Your IT Team Makes You Look Like a Hero

In #10 on CIO Online’s list, CISO Demetrios ‘Laz’ Lazarikos (@iamlaz) explains how keeping the business safe must always be top-of-mind for today’s InfoSec professionals, but not at the expense of slowing down operations. Balance is key to maintaining a well-protected, fast-moving organization.

CSO Online: Keep These Cyberthug Holidays Marked On Your Calendar

CSO Online introduces Data Dump Day - any day when attackers release stolen data online on anonymous text sharing or bulletin board sites such as Pastebin or 4chan. CISO Laz advises that, to prepare for these surprises, InfoSec teams must improve awareness of data that may be in these dumps by engaging qualified threat research teams that monitor the Internet underground for cyber-criminal activities that may heighten just before a dump occurs. And when dumps do happen, proper incident response plans, law enforcement notifications, and remediation techniques should be in place to bring the event to a speedy close and reduce the damage.

Ravello Systems Blog: vArmour Customer Case Study

We have teamed up with Ravello Systems to streamline deployment processes and quickly and easily illustrate the value of our products, without the heavy lifting that can often accompany traditional POC activities. Read our use case blog from our Director Of Worldwide Systems Engineering, Matt Ebben (@uwskier) and read more about our partnership in IT Business Edge and Storage Review.

CRN: 10 Emerging Security Vendors You Need To Know About

In CRN’s slideshow, vArmour and CEO Tim Eades (@Eades50) are featured as being among a new generation of security technology vendors that are moving security into the data center, in contrast to the traditional focus on perimeter security. And we invite you to become a vArmour Invited Partner (VIP), where you will be joined by fellow leading channel companies, such as Atos, Big Technology and EVT.

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