vArmour Customer John Muir Health Honored with CSO50 Award

vArmour Customer John Muir Health Honored with CSO50 Award

It always excites us to see our customers recognized for the incredible work that they do. Earlier this week, IDG’s CSO honored vArmour customer John Muir Health as a recipient of a 2017 CSO50 Award for the outstanding business value and thought leadership created through their security projects and initiatives.

The award recognizes the systems implementation by John Muir Health’s CISO Tom August at the nationally-recognized health system in the San Francisco East Bay. August established a layered but integrated security approach that included use of vArmour DSS Distributed Security System for visibility and control across virtual servers. Immediately upon deployment, vArmour’s software-based segmentation helped August and his team to quickly identify and investigate potentially suspicious activity in their data center, medical device and desktop network segments.

John Muir Health can now see network, application and user traffic across data center, public cloud and affiliated organization environments; furthermore, the systems in place support efforts necessary to improve security posture for regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, a critical compliance component within any healthcare organization.

We are proud to play a key part in John Muir Health’s most recent achievement. You can learn more about how they are using vArmour to protect their community’s information in this short video:

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