Turning Customers Into Partners: vArmour & Marketo

Turning Customers Into Partners: vArmour & Marketo

A business’s success is determined, in part, by its ability to connect with its customers. Marketing lives and dies by how well they can relate to customers in ways that reflect their aims and challenges. vArmour takes pride in how we market to our customers, from HQ visits that help us better understand their journeys, to nurture campaigns that align to individual customer needs. Marketo thinks we do a great job, too, and recently invited our Director of Demand Generation, Namson Tran, to speak at their corporate headquarters on how we approach customer marketing.

For background, vArmour has been using Marketo’s marketing automation platform to streamline, automate, and measure our marketing campaigns since our company’s beginnings. Marketo plays a vital role in driving what we do in marketing, sales, and product development, and in helping us identify the most compelling use cases and the future direction of products.

Our day at Marketo was centered around sharing the insights and successes we’ve experienced using their marketing automation platform. As the head of vArmour’s demand generation team, Namson offered Marketo’s newest employees an outside glimpse into our digital marketing strategy, and how his experience as both a customer and a former Marketo Solutions Consultant has enabled him leverage the platform in creative ways to achieve key marketing objectives.

“As marketers, it’s our job to focus on engagement for the company,” explained Namson. “Deployments and revenue are absolutely key metrics for us, but it all starts with engagement. More specifically, a multi-channel engagement model focused on building top of funnel demand.”

To deepen the relationship with vArmour as a customer, the day continued with Marketo’s Customer Marketing Team hosting a workshop to discuss best practices around engagement. It was also an opportunity for Namson and I to give feedback on how their suite of enablement tools are helping us get the most out of their platform, and how existing tools could be expanded for even better customer engagement.

As our meetings at Marketo came to an end, we found ourselves in a new relationship with the people behind the technology powering our customer marketing program. It’s great working with partners like Marketo who share the same values as us. Whether it’s marketing automation, data center security, or any other industry, the same principle holds true: it’s all about the customer and even better when you can turn them into a partner.

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