The New Guard Makes a New Friend: Our Partnership with HPE To Simplify and Secure the On-Demand Data Center

The New Guard Makes a New Friend: Our Partnership with HPE To Simplify and Secure the On-Demand Data Center

Today, we announced a relationship with HP Enterprise to bring the vArmour DSS Distributed Security System to two of their most strategic product lines: converged infrastructure and security. This is exciting because together, we deliver a simple and secure framework for organizations to deploy application-aware microsegmentation seamlessly in their on-demand infrastructure... a necessary advancement as we welcome the New Guard of security.

1) Easily microsegment workloads on HPE Converged Infrastructure

For customers adopting HPE’s Hyper-converged platform, they can use vArmour DSS to separate their most sensitive assets - from their health records to financial statements – fast (3 steps that take about 30 minutes). No complex SDNs, laborious roll-outs, or individual agents needed to get started.

2) Provide security policy at the speed of workloads

Customers can deploy built-in security policy with every workload, so they can prevent and stop threats without a security gap to worry about or new policy creation to slow things down.

3) Add policy controls to best-of-breed security analytics

Customers running industry-leading HPE ArcSight ESM to gain threat visibility into their on-premises environment can extend this into public clouds with vArmour DSS Analytics. Even better, vArmour DSS can also take action on any threats identified by either ArcSight or vArmour Analytics by placing workloads into quarantine zones for isolation and forensics. With its correlation capabilities, ArcSight can also see a threat from another part of the SOC and use vArmour DSS to stop it, quickly and easily.

This is why we are so excited about our HPE relationship and what it means for our customers. With vArmour DSS and HPE solutions, customers can now build security  into their new stack of converged compute and storage, securely consolidate their most sensitive assets with application-aware microsegmentation, and take action on threats identified in real-time with controls that are next to each workload. With this joint solution, customers can have real control to see malicious behaviors and actually do something about them, saving customers valuable time and costs. And who doesn’t want that?

Get started with our 3 steps to application-aware microsegmentation for your infrastructure today with a free trial of vArmour DSS.

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