Microsegmentation cost saving #5: Increase speed of secure application delivery

Microsegmentation cost saving #5: Increase speed of secure application delivery

In our last blog, we covered how microsegmentation can save you money in seeing and stopping threats much more quickly and easily than alternative approaches. Today we’ll focus on our final microsegmentation cost saving that is supporting the future of cloud and DevOps: increasing the speed of application delivery with built-in security.

Challenges deploying security with speed of applications

In the Development Operations (DevOps) world, Information Security teams can have the reputation of slowing down developers with time-consuming processes for security policy changes. This bottleneck can delay application delivery time – a critical factor for organizations to stay competitive. The trade-off poses two challenges:

  1. How can organizations stop development teams from going around Information Security, creating a dangerous (and potentially costly) security gap?
  2. How can organizations speed up secure application delivery to maintain momentum and competitive edge in the marketplace for new applications and feature updates?

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Real world example: DevSecOps

Adding security to DevOps processes, known as DevSecOps, turns out to be a people and process problem more than a technology one. For many organizations, these teams work in separate closets “that don’t even have a common wall between them.”* Organizations can take the first step to add security into their DevOps processes with flexible, API-based security that can be built-in to applications at the time of development.

Build security into apps with secure microsegmentation

Security policies from secure microsegmentation solution can be built into every workload at the time of creation – even inheriting the right policy from an automation tool – and be deployed at the same speed as other software resources. More importantly, in dynamic IT environments, security policies are able to travel with the workloads throughout their entire lifecycle – from test to production. This allows organizations to move fast and stay competitive, without opening themselves up to the potential of a damaging and expensive breach.

Free your developers from relying on lengthy security policy updates before pushing out their applications by building security in and you can expect…

  • Streamlined Operations: Save valuable time for the Information Security team in removing the need to make frequent and manual policy updates to keep up with speed of development.
  • Improved Agility: Increase speed of secure application delivery by building in the appropriate security policy at time of creation.
  • Reduced Risk: Use DevOps team to introduce the right level of security at the point of development, reducing the potential for security gaps and costly breaches.

This closes out our series on the 5 ways microsegmentation can lower your security costs. To get all the details in one place, download our eBook: 5 Ways Secure Microsegmentation Saves You Money.

*Gartner, DevOps is Good – DevSecOps is Better, 2015

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