He Who Dares Wins: Meet the New Guard of Security

He Who Dares Wins: Meet the New Guard of Security

In a recent interview with CNBC, I talked about a changing of the guard that is happening in the security world. It’s becoming clear to everyone that bad guys are out-innovating traditional products…causing many of those security companies founded before the iPhone to be trading at multi-year lows, despite the fact that cyber security spending is at an all time high. This trend is a result of InfoSec and IT professionals everywhere that are challenging the status quo of data center and cloud security…. and realizing that in the digital world, the days of single instance products for single instance problems are over. These customers and the new technologies they are daring to adopt are part of the New Guard of security.

The New Guard of IT and InfoSec leaders can be found in organizations of every vertical and size. They include cloud-first organizations, like Salesforce, to those legendary companies that are being forced to accelerate their digital transformation to stay competitive, like Walmart. What they all have in common is their ability - or some may say, necessity - to embrace their industry’s transformation in climate of higher risk than ever before, and their impatience with traditional approaches to keep up. These factors are pushing the New Guard to challenge the data center and cloud security status quo at their organization, even if it’s unpopular at first, to better protect and move their organization forward.

The New Guard are the ones pointing out the holes in outdated, hardware-based walls that are letting attackers in, with no way to see or stop them. They are the ones who know that retrofitting traditional approaches inside their cloud can’t give them the protection or speed they need. And they are the ones who are making security an enabler, not a barrier, to the business - focused on making security services as fast, easy, and consumable as the cloud they’re protecting.

In short, the New Guard recognizes that mirroring yesterday’s solutions with slightly new features will not solve the cybersecurity problem at hand. Instead, it is time to act against the status quo - to adopt a punk rocker’s mentality - and bring a unique perspective to this longstanding problem and achieve the revolutionary change we need to fight our modern cyberwar.

Lucky for us, cloud is the silver lining in taking on the never-ending stream of cyber attackers. In the cloud world, software is the answer to defend against cyber criminals. And cloud adoption makes all-software security not only possible, but preferred, so InfoSec and IT professionals entrusted with protecting their organization’s most critical assets - from patient records to financial statements - can do this without slowing down their business.

Our customers are leading this charge, to totally rethink what security means in the cloud world… which will be different next week, next month, and in years to come. 

To quote one of my favorite punk bands, he (or she) who dares wins… and now’s the time to dare when it comes to security.

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