Desert Research Institute Visits vArmour HQ

Desert Research Institute Visits vArmour HQ

Our goal at vArmour is to keep our customers at the core of our business… to be a customer-centric organization that learns from our customers and their experiences. We periodically invite key customers to spend a day at our Mountain View headquarters to meet the people behind the product and give direct input into what we’re building.

Our first visitors of 2017 were Chris Ipsen and Brandon Peterson from the Desert Research Institute (DRI), the research arm of the Nevada System of Higher Education with a focus on the environment. At DRI, approximately 500 research faculty and support staff engage in cutting-edge scientific research each year with a budget of more than $50 million, ranging from renewable energy development to large-scale genetic health studies to reveal links between environmental factors and the health of the Nevada community.

DRI is a unique organization with diverse and multi-national research initiatives. Chris Ipsen, Chief Information Officer and Assistant Vice President of IT, has built a security-first infrastructure capable of supporting the organization’s disparate computing environments. His philosophy, shaped by years of information security leadership with the State of Nevada and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is to secure DRI’s data at levels that exceed regulatory compliance standards in every way. Using next-generation technology like vArmour for visibility and segmentation is a fundamental component of his strategy.

Brandon Peterson is Chief Information Security Officer at DRI, SANS Institute Instructor, and author on secure network design with microsegmentation. Not only is Brandon a thought leader amongst his peers, he is also one of the most experienced microsegmentation practitioners in the industry, with numerous implementations under his belt. His insights, shared directly with our Product Engineers during his visit, are shaping our roadmap and upcoming product functionality in ways that will support DRI’s long-term goals.

At the end of the day, we learned that the true value of customer-centricity extends beyond product feedback and validation… customer visits like these build deeper relationships with the people who form the backbone of our company. As Chris and Brandon explained before their return flight to Reno, “We like investing our time with great people and great companies… those like vArmour who align their entire company with the direction that organizations like us are headed. It’s people like you that enable us to be successful in our research and ultimately improve the quality of people’s lives.”

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