Collaborating with Customers: Adam Savage from the University of Waterloo

Collaborating with Customers: Adam Savage from the University of Waterloo

The vArmour Customer Partnership Program offers customers a unique opportunity to meet our executive and R&D teams to share their knowledge, insights and success, which in turn help shape the direction of our product. We recently invited Adam Savage from the University of Waterloo to our headquarters in Mountain View, California for an early look into our product roadmap, and to gather feedback on how his team is using vArmour.

Adam is responsible for the Library Data Center at the University of Waterloo - Canada’s top innovation university. With more than 36,000 students, the University is home to the world’s largest co-operative education system of its kind, and is recognized as one of the top innovation hubs in the world. This reputation is reflected throughout the campus IT systems, including the infrastructure on which the Library Data Center is built.

Adam has created a highly agile hyperconverged infrastructure on Nutanix to simplify data center operations, increase provisioning speed, and address the University’s need for scale-out capacity. Adam explained how vArmour was the perfect fit for his environment; it provides the fine-grained segmentation controls traditionally achieved with appliances, but without the added complexity or cost, and being 100% software, it integrates seamlessly with his Nutanix deployment. 

As a member of a hand-picked community of Nutanix Technology Champions, Adam was able to provide a unique user perspective on how the two solutions are working together at the University. We tailored the day around key UI and product sessions, using Adam’s insight to further improve user workflows and plan new functionality for future releases of vArmour.

Collaborating with forward-thinking innovators like Adam enables us to solve unique challenges with new approaches, and in so doing, helps vArmour develop strong long-term customer partnerships that extend throughout our entire organization. From our executives to our engineers, the entire vArmour team was thrilled to meet Adam and learn first-hand how vArmour is helping shape the next-generation infrastructure for his academic community.

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