[CEO Video]: Why Nutanix and vArmour are a Perfect Fit

[CEO Video]: Why Nutanix and vArmour are a Perfect Fit

Since announcing our partnership with Nutanix last year, we have been working closely together to bring our simple and secure data center and cloud solutions to customers everywhere. As we continue to deepen our relationship into 2016 and beyond, I wanted to share details from my recent visit to Nutanix’s campus. I got a chance to sit down with industry visionary and Nutanix CEO, Dheeraj Pandey, to talk candidly about the challenges facing organizations today in the web-scale world of IT and security – and how Nutanix’s hyper-converged platform with vArmour’s application-aware security is here to help.


The name of the game for any organization today is agility in every area of their business – from people to strategy to the technology running it all. Nutanix’s hyper-converged platform is redefining what agility means for IT infrastructure delivery… but often times, we see that security can slow things down and counter these benefits. Or worse yet, security gets stuck at the perimeter… and attackers that can get in once are able to compromise entire systems, without visibility or control at the application layer to see or stop them. As Dheeraj shared during my visit, “people want security and agility to go together”– and that is core to our belief in how we developed our distributed system.

We built the vArmour Distributed Security System on key principles for cloud that Nutanix shares, including:

  • Simplicity – of deployment and manageability, so adding new resources on-demand takes minutes – not hours – in just a few clicks
  • Invisible operations – so compute, storage and security resources become an integrated part of business services… not a road block along the way
  • Distributed architecture – Nutanix nodes and the vArmour Fabric rely on software – not hardware - to meet the scale-out demands of today’s applications in real time

Together, Nutanix and vArmour will continue to deliver IT and security in a way that makes the applications that run today’s businesses stronger, without ever holding them back.

Learn more about our partnership with Nutanix in our joint webinar, vArmour & Nutanix: Distributed Everything. Watch on-demand.

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