Bloomberg Recap Video - Patriot Act Expiration and Cybersecurity Data Monitoring

Bloomberg Recap Video - Patriot Act Expiration and Cybersecurity Data Monitoring

This week, I was flattered to be invited to appear as an expert on a Bloomberg West television panel to discuss the expiration of the Patriot Act and its impact on data monitoring for cyber security. It was even more complimentary since I was joined by CEOs of two of the most innovative tech companies of today - Egnyte & Udacity - and one of these executives also happens to be the founder of Google X labs.

These points aside, the Bloomberg panel was an excellent opportunity for me to provide some context on how security companies, like vArmour, play an important role in the way enterprises protect sensitive customer data from any organization. Starting this week, the US government is no longer allowed to bulk collect phone records by law. Whether or not the Patriot Act is around or if PRISM stays afloat, the ability for 3rd-party groups, be it the NSA or others, to easily access users’ most private data is evident all around us and has become an issue that is top of mind for all.

Today, huge volumes of data are constantly moving between private data centers, public clouds, and even more end-user devices - and security must evolve to meet the needs of these new workload types that contain sensitive, customer data. With that in mind, consumers have a right to be informed and assured that companies are using the latest security solutions, built for cloud and virtualization, to protect their information from those that wish to steal it. At vArmour, our mission is to set the security standard for these new cloud environments with our distributed system - to protect our customers’ data both today and for the future.

Learn more about the vArmour Distributed Security System in our technical white paper.

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