BETTER TOGETHER: The Human Element at RSA

BETTER TOGETHER: The Human Element at RSA

BETTER TOGETHER: The Human Element at RSA

For the next week, the world’s best technologists and companies will be on display at RSA with innovative security solutions that have the potential to change our world, our way of thinking, and how we continue to combat the cyber war we all face. 

I, per usual, find myself in my normal state of RSA panic with meeting schedules, session reviews, panel and event preparations... that all seem a bit never ending. But this year is a bit different, in the best way.

I have attended RSA for a number of years, and I find myself more excited than in the past few years, due in part to the theme of RSA this year, the Human Element. We are the human element in cybersecurity and that is what joins us together.  

In the world of Cyber, when bit, bytes and new technology trends reign supreme, we often lose sight of the human component of our ecosystem. With the rise of the machines front and center in trends like Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and my favorite, Machine Learning, the idea that humans are even relevant gets lost in the noise.  When you take time to consider though, that the very threats we strive to protect ourselves from are dreamed up and ultimately executed by humans, it seems natural that we should focus more on the Human Element. We, as individuals, companies, and the collective are the best defense against the threats that have created our trillion-dollar industry.  

This is where the other reason I am so excited comes into play, working with a company that values relationships in both the technological and human sense- vArmour. This year I am honored to be a part of vArmour, and how we are taking the idea of relationships and visibility to the next level.  One of vArmour’s cornerstone philosophies is the concept that RELATIONSHIPS MATTER, and if you consider that from both a human and security perspective, it is something we should remind ourselves of daily. How humans see our world and relate to it is very similar to how we should examine security.  If we can visualize the relationships within our estates, and how they relate, then we can protect them. Simple. 

RSA is also about connection. To spend time with customers, partners and friends and build the plans that will shape much of our course of action for the coming year is one of my favorite parts of the show.  This year, having the opportunity to lead the charge showcasing vArmour’s partner ecosystem is by far the most rewarding for me professionally at the show.

vArmour is announcing multiple new partnerships at RSA to further our commitment that we are BETTER TOGETHER – another very human concept.  Our goal as a company is to enable organizations to use our technology in concert with the solutions they already have in their estates, and ideally make them better.  In essence, it is about giving customers the opportunity to get more out of the investments they have already made. I am looking forward to showcasing this initiative and gaining feedback on our current partner ecosystem and where we should drive next.  

Over the course of the week, I will be blogging about our jam-packed week, and would love to interact with my fellow humans, in our security element.  Come see me at our events, book a demo or stop me on the street.  I can’t wait to talk with you!


Kate Kuehn
Senior Vice President, vArmour