Become a vArmour Invited Partner & Let Us Show YOU the Money

Become a vArmour Invited Partner & Let Us Show YOU the Money

Today, I am excited to introduce an essential component to bringing vArmour’s industry-first distributed security system to markets worldwide: the vArmour Invited Partners program, or “VIP” as we like to call it.

At vArmour, we believe in giving the VIP treatment to every person and organization we touch in our community. For customers, it means you are treated as if you are our only one and we will stop at nothing to provide the highest quality experience possible - in addition to inviting you to some of our epic, exclusive parties. For employees, it means you’re a part of a tight-knit family - a very hardworking family, of course, but one where each member has been selected for a special reason and will be given support far beyond what you do at work every day. And today, we are extending this ultimate experience to our global service and solution providers with the launch of the vArmour Invited Partners program. As a VIP, you will enjoy the benefits of:

  • Market Opportunity Like None Other: With the remainder of the data center stack already distributed, from compute to storage, a massive security opportunity has opened up. vArmour is the first to bring a distributed approach to security that scales to meet today’s hyper-converged requirements - and we want our VIPs to cash in on this with us.
  • “Sell With” Partnership: We consider our partners part of the vArmour extended family, and will support you the same way we support our own sales and marketing rockstars. Our commitment to our partners is absolute, as 100% of our business goes through our partner base.
  • Expert Training: We will give VIPs the technical enablement we provide our own Field Sales, SE’s and SMEs - no corporate-filtered or watered-down versions - so you are set up for account stickiness and lifetime customer success.

And most importantly, as a VIP, we want to show YOU the money. Gartner estimates the information security market globally to top $77 billion this year. Innovative solutions made for cloud-scale, like the vArmour Distributed Security System, will capture significant market share, and leave perimeter-based security models in the past. Plus, VIPs will experience up to 2X margins, compared to legacy security solutions that were not built for modern cloud infrastructures. Why settle for products that only see 20% of network traffic when you could double your margins by seeing and protecting 100% of network traffic? The numbers speak for themselves.

So today, I want to welcome those providers who are ready to partner with us as VIPs to take advantage of this $77 billion opportunity and change the way enterprise customers secure their data center. Join Atos, EVT, BigTec, and more - find out how to become a VIP at