Author: Martin Brown

Martin Brown, Chief Security Services Strategist, is a leading security strategist with over 20 years’ industry experience working in leading Telco and Security Vendors in the United Kingdom and Silicon Valley. 

Prior to joining vArmour in mid 2015, Martin worked for British Telecom (BT). During his time at BT Martin undertook the strategic re-orientation and delivery of the BT Security Portfolio as well as Security Operations of BT’s Vulnerability Management and Protection teams for large scale server, endpoint and network protection. Martin had Product Line responsibility for Enterprise / Consumer Products and Services on a domestic and international scale. Martin was also a key contributor to Policy, Risk Analysis, Risk Mitigation and Audit.

Martin worked at MessageLabs delivering market leading MSSP solutions for a variety of Email capabilities as well as creating the MessageLabs Web Security Service.

 Martin was Group Product Manager at Network Associates for the McAfee Groupware and Messaging Portfolio as well as the Antivirus and Spam Analytics/Detection Engines and, whilst living in Silicon Valley, the PGP Firewall and Vulnerability Assessment Product lines. 

Martin’s distant past revolved around IT Management and Product creation roles at Dr Solomon’s, a UK AV vendor later acquired by Network Associates/McAfee, having moved there from Unilever PLC.

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