How it works

One software solution for monitoring, segmentation, and cyber deception inside your data center


Visualize what’s happening inside your clouds

  • Continuous monitoring and visibility across networks, applications and users with Layer 7 deep packet inspection for greater security efficacy
  • Correlated views of application dependencies to inform policy creation, discover policy violations and detect suspicious behaviors around your critical assets
  • Rapid forensic investigation and one-click to quarantine compromised workloads to limit potential damage of a breach
  • Self-service security analytics and drill downs to pivot data and build customized reports, all built on robust APIs that
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Separate your workloads in 3 steps

  • Distributed, software-based policy controls wrap around each workload being protected and can follow those workloads anywhere, with no reliance on rigid architectures bound by physical security appliances
  • Logical separation of workloads via policy groups - based on security, compliance, or other requirements - that maintain security state across shared infrastructure pool
  • Informed policy creation based on continuous monitoring of networks, applications, and users to identify application dependencies and address suspicious behaviors that require immediate quarantine
  • High-performance scalability inspects and enforces application-layer security policy on every workload at 10X throughput than the fastest data center security appliances
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Protect your data center with cyber deception

  • Fast and simple deployment and configuration remove the tedious efforts required to install and utilize typical deception security solutions
  • Synthesized attack surfaces lure and identify would be attackers with a family of common services
  • Transparent traffic routing transforms a small IT footprint into a deception solution that appears thousands of times larger to attackers
  • Secured deception points remove the risk of attackers gaining access to your security infrastructure
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