Relationships Matter Series: A CISO’s Perspective on Ensuring Compliance with Application Visibility


Rich Noguera, VP of Security Services here at vArmour, is back with another episode in the Relationships Matter Series. Check out what Rich has to say about how important it is to ensure compliance in your environments using application visibility.

For all the CISOs and Security Operations teams out there, this conversation is pertinent to further understanding how critical application visibility is to reduce risk. Specifically, by identifying:

    • Role of security in compliance
    • Criticality of understanding your regulatory environment
    • Importance of application visibility to ensure compliance by:
      • Quickly identifying assets
      • Qualifying access
      • Identifying large data flows
      • Defining policy sets for multiple compliance requirements

Watch the 3 minute interview here, or see below for the text version of the interview:

Q. Why does compliance matter to a CISO?

RN: As a CISO, compliance is one of the top three, if not the second, most important thing we have to contend with. As a company, if you are not compliant, you can’t do business; and a key component of compliance is security.

Q. What are key questions a CISO should ask to ensure compliance in the cloud?

RN: As a CISO, when considering compliance, you must ask yourself what is the regulatory environment that I operate in – which dictates which compliance frameworks that I have to adhere to.

Q. How does vArmour ensure compliance in your environment?

RN: As a CISO, where vArmour plays its part in the compliance process, is its ability to:

    • Quickly identify assets
    • Qualify access
    • Identify large data flows to apply the right level of data protection policy
    • Via the policy manager, define policy sets for multiple compliance requirements including PCI, FedRamp,SWIFT – in order to address those through any audit cycle.

If you want to connect with Rich to discuss more about ensuring Compliance with application visibility in your environments, send a note here to schedule a meeting, or to see how the Application Controller can visualize application relationships in your cloud, download a free trial.

More about Rich Noguera, VP Security Services, vArmour

In addition to being CISO at Yapstone and Gap, Rich held leadership and operational positions at Accenture, Yahoo!, Symantec, McAfee, and Deloitte & Touche LLP. Moreover, as an active proponent of threat intelligence exchange, Rich helped establish the Retail & Hospitality Cyber Information Sharing Center as a founding Board member, and was an active member of the Advanced Persistent Threat Group of the Bay Area CISOs Group.


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