Leading With Vision: Insights from new vArmour CEO, Matt Gyde

The cybersecurity industry for too long has been focused on reacting to an event. While it is important to have multiple layers of defense, wouldn’t it be great to be predictive in our security posture? What better way to do that than through the critical elements that power a company’s business services: its applications. By understanding applications, along with their relationships and dependencies, you can build a compelling map of risk from which to manage security and resiliency across the enterprise. And what if the intelligence gained (minus any PII) was available to others in the industry to take preemptive action? These are certainly exciting times for both the cyber industry and companies such as vArmour. 

This is why I couldn’t be more happy to announce I have joined vArmour as the new CEO. This new role fills me with a tremendous sense of excitement and anticipation for leading a proven, customer-oriented organization. Being the CEO for a dynamic and rapidly growing company is a rare opportunity, and stepping into this role will allow me to make a significant impact on the cybersecurity industry. 

As CEO for such companies as NTT Security and Foresite Cybersecurity, I have seen solutions that worked well for customers’ cybersecurity challenges. It’s no longer a question of if a company should move to cloud, but when and how quickly they can execute their digital transformation. Having a solution that addresses our customers’ requirements is a priority with vArmour.  

Working alongside some of the largest enterprises around the world since 2011, vArmour deeply understands the security and resilience challenges that companies face as they go to hybrid cloud. I will be taking on the challenge of guiding vArmour’s next phase of growth, and will be working with an exceptional team of talented and motivated innovators in creating a shared vision of the company in the cloud application security space. It’s an area that demands visionary research and development to create solutions that help enterprises improve their resilience and mitigate their cyber and operational risk.

What is especially exciting for me in the new role is sharing my passions of being a visionary, an innovator, and a strategist in shaping the future of cybersecurity. The world of cyber continues to be one of innovation and entrepreneurship, and blending these opportunities in an increasingly complex and sophisticated environment will be a challenge, but certainly one that will get me up in the morning. As the leader of a cutting edge SaaS platform, vArmour is at the prime position to make a real difference for our customers. 

I look forward to communicating both internally and externally to help drive this vision of a safer cyber future and how it will make an impact within the industry. vArmour will continue to innovate in our approach and continue to deploy our SaaS platform to the world’s largest and most influential organizations. 

In summary, being CEO of vArmour is an incredibly exciting and rewarding opportunity. Together with the talented and motivated team at vArmour, we have the opportunity to drive innovation in the cybersecurity industry, and make a real world impact in the world of technology.

Read more about Matt Gyde appointment as CEO in vArmour’s recent press release.


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Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer