Change must be made to change management for enterprises to survive - and thrive.

Many enterprises have now embarked upon strategic projects like Zero Trust security in earnest. However, far too many enterprises are hamstrung in their change management processes to achieve project success due to a lack of visibility of widely distributed assets, applications, and users – and all the relationships and interactions among them.

Enterprises need modern application discovery tools in an emerging new category, called Application Relationship Management (ARM), an API-based software solution that provides complete visibility into the enterprise’s true interconnectedness in real-time across heterogeneous environments.

Learn how ARM provides significant value throughout the change management lifecycle with auto-discovery, continuous monitoring, change validation and alerting, and long-term reporting, helping to:

  • Improve the operational efficiency and cost of the application infrastructure, as well as strengthen the cybersecurity posture
  • Achieve key strategic initiatives like digital transformation, cloud migration, application rationalization, M&A, and Zero Trust security
  • Gain a more complete and accurate picture of IT infrastructure, enabling compliance teams to more easily meet regulatory reporting requirements
  • Create and deploy more effective cybersecurity policies based on actual user and application behavior and enforce secure micro-perimeters around all applications and assets



Timothy Eades

Chief Executive Officer